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Exactly one week ago I wrote up a little news story about how Rebellion Games was opening up a new social games division. At the end of the article I asked you guys if you thought more game developers were going to follow in Rebellion’s footsteps. Well, those of you who said yes were correct.

Today, developer Insomniac (best known for Resistance and Ratchet & Clank) announced that it has opened up a new social gaming division. Dubbed Insomniac Click, the new development studio will focus on creating games for the web and mobile devices.

Brian Hastings, Chief creative officer at Insomniac Games, made a lengthy blog post outlining the types of games the new studio would be working on. In this blog post, he makes five promises to gamers. They are: “1. Social interaction must be mutually enjoyable” “2. Game tuning must benefit the player experience” “3. Gameplay Depth” “4. Easy to Learn, Hard to Master” “5. Make It Fun First.”

Hastings also criticised current social games stating, “Many social games out there are more activities than games–that is, a set of tools but no problem. For instance, you plant crops and then harvest them to make more money so you can plant more crops. Your tools are: pick a crop, plant it somewhere, harvest a ripened crop. But what problem are you solving? There really isn’t one. You can’t succeed and you can’t fail and that’s part of the fun. But at the same time, without having a problem to solve, it’s less of an actual game than Tic-Tac-Toe.”

I don’t know about you guys, but I have the feeling that Insomniac Click is going to make some pretty cool games. Maybe I’m just out of touch or whatever, but the current generation of social and mobile games just don’t do it for me. Hopefully Insomniac Click will be able to keep those five promises and come out with some gnarly games.


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