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Have you guys heard of The Secret World before? You might have heard of it by its former working titles: Cabal or The World Online. It’s an upcoming MMORPG that’s being developed by Funcom, and they just released some new footage.

Funcom put the brand new trailer from GDC 2011 up on their website and YouTube. Hit the jump for more details about this modern-day MMORPG about mysterious secret societies.

I’d never heard of the game up until very recently. I’m not really a MMO player, but there’s something about The Secret World that’s caught my attention. Maybe it’s the modern day setting? Maybe it’s the fact that the Illuminati and the Templars are factions in the game? I don’t know, but either way Funcom’s new trailer shows off a lot about the game.

The trailer reveals more about skills, missions, PVP, setting, charcter progression and more. Plus it has actual gameplay footage! In my book that’s always preferred to straight up CGI trailers. Check out the trailer for The Secret World and head on over to the official website for more info. Any WoW players out there that are sick of the fantasy settings that seem to permeate all MMO’s these days?

  1. I have sort of followed this game for some time now and even though there are alot of negative feelings about Age of Conan Funcom’s last mmo they did prove to me at least with that game that they knew how to make a graphically stunning world and make a mmo with their own vision and not just be a “WoW Clone”.

    I am still skeptical here because we don’t have real brass tacks info and details on the mechanics or player creation etc. Also the player animations and models seem a bit stiff. The monsters, world itself, etc etc though already look extremely polished.

    Considering how smoothly the Rift launch has gone I think people are going to expect a higher standard of mmo launches from now on. So as much as I want to see Funcom go in their own direction here and make something original and compelling I hope they remember to first nail the basics this time and perfect their launch not to mention have a working endgame on day one.

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