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Shadows of the Damned has the potential to be my favourite game of all time. No, it’s not just because it looks like a cracked out version of Dante’s Inferno. While that is pretty sweet, the fact that the game is produced by the creative minds behind No More Heroes and Resident Evil is even more exciting. Also, the soundtrack will be composed by legendary Silent Hill sound designer AkiraYamaoka. Yeah, I’m absolutely stoked.

Burn the date June 7th into your mind and prepare for the most punk rock psychological action thriller of the summer.

  1. Crazy ass game. I’m itching to hear more about it, but I still have no idea if it’s a game for me. Considering the controls/shooting are semi-Resident Evil 4 inspired…I dunno.

  2. avatar Lolly

    So true. Honesty and evreytnhig recognized.

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