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Nintendo revealed a brand new trailer for Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword today during Iwata’s keynote address. While they maintain that the game isn’t quite finished yet, it sure is looking good to me.

During the keynote Iwata also spoke briefly about Zelda’s upcoming 25th anniversary, but didn’t reveal any specific details about how Nintendo would be commemorating the event. If you have any ideas in how you’d like to see them do that, take it to the comments.

  1. The trailer looks pretty good. I know I’ll get Skyward Sword when it comes out. I hope that the sword fighting is as 1:1 as they say it’ll be.

  2. avatar Ant Man

    I think in skyward sword oni link from majoras mask should come back and be the final boss or something because I thought oni link. Was very cool plus they were talking about the mask is evil and stuff like that or make another majoras mask and have oni link take over links body for a while or something

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