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What do you think of Bulletstorm? Does it really let you “kill with skill” or is it a case of all bark and no bite? Let us know in the comments below!

  1. avatar Bingo

    Couple tips:
    - Find a way to record and incorporate the in-game audio. Overlay a bit of the game’s music in the background, and don’t mute the gameplay b-roll.

    - Find a way to deliver your lines with a bit more charisma. You definitely come across like you’re reading from a sheet of paper.

    • - My current capture card is unfortunately a little sketchy when it comes to game audio. Hopefully I will be able to upgrade it in the very near future.

      - Fair point. I do need to make it sound a little more natural.

      Thanks a lot for the feedback Bingo :]

    • I wouldn’t worry too much about it, as a guy who has done a lot of game captures myself I can tell you that it definitely takes time to get things “perfect” and learn all the in’s and out’s. As for your chatting it was okay if you ask me, you were just talking a little fast.

      As for the review it seems pretty in line with what most sites are saying. I think Bobby has the right idea.

    • Thanks for your own feedback Karkarov. I think I can improve my reviews a lot, but I’m still finding my feet with them. Hopefully practice will make perfect :3

  2. I didn’t care for what little of Bulletstorm I actually played. I tried the demo for about five minutes before I quit. Maybe in a year or so when the price has gone down, I’ll consider getting it.

  3. avatar A.W.

    mmm, a 6 hour campaign?

    balls on that.

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