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“Konami and Saber Interactive team up to create an immersive First Person Shooter experience based on the Columbia Pictures upcoming feature film Battle: Los Angeles.”

That’s exactly what we need right now! Another movie video game tie-in! Hit the jump for more details.

So yes, Battle: Los Angeles (the game) is a thing that is happening. I haven’t seen the movie, but judging by the trailers it looked like an Independence Day rip-off vibe, minus the sassy antics of one Willard Smith Jr. Thankfully the game is being developed as a downloadable title for Xbox Live, PSN, and PC platforms. It will be a FPS game with a campaign that mirrors the plot of the movie. Also players get to use guns! Including: “an assault rifle, sniper rifle, rocket launcher” etc. etc. Nothing we haven’t seen before.

There were some screenshots that came with the press release but there’s not much I can say about them. There are some soldiers with guns, some blown up buildings, and an alien spacecraft with blue glowing engines. The color palette heavily features a lot of brown, brown, and more brown with a little grey sprinkled in. At least Konami got LA’s smog correct, am I right?

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