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Last month, Gamer Limit gave a nod to The Next Big Thing, Pendulo Studios’ latest point-and-click adventure due out in March. Whether or not you’re into the forays of point-and-click, this is quite a special title if only for the fact that the studios are literally the next big thing to come out of Spain. Over here in the states and up until now, point-and-click is synonymous with one name — Telltale Games. Not to knock the San Rafael, CA based company (who out there can say anything truly bad about Back to the Future The Game?), and not to forget Lucas Arts’ heyday, but, growth in this genre has been relatively slow due to the apparent monopoly. Pendulo aims to change things with this, their sixth title.

To ramp up The Next Big Thing‘s release, the studios have just created their own Youtube channel. A new video released today highlights Liz Allaire, the leading lady in this cinematic and sleek, comedic and carefree adventure. Of course, it had to be in Spanish, which is okay since we translated it for you.

Now, much credit is due to Google Translate and a graduate creative writing course I took on literary translation. If you have a better translation (or if you just want to have fun) have at it in the comments.


Pendulo Studios presents / ‘The Ideal Girl’ / She’s elegantly dressed / a great listener / she waltzes with distinction / she’s mastered the Art of Crochet (?) / she has steady feet /  except when riding the hog / she’s always smiling / and never / never / calls attention to herself / Pendulo Studios presents / Liz Allaire, The (almost) Ideal Girl

If the game is anything like the teasers Pendulo have been pumping out, rest assured the title will be wrought with irony and challenge gender roles as well as social propriety. It’s heavy, I know, and ultimately admirable. I for one am looking forward to a point-and-click that goes beyond just trying to be funny.

Now, to quell any worries about the language barrier, the game will be released in English. In fact, all of Pendulo’s games can be purchased in English if you were at all curious. On a related note, Pendulo have also revamped the game’s website to include goodies such as character bios and screenshots (some of which you can find below).

  1. avatar Killroy

    I remember Maniac Mansion and IJ Atlantis. Classics. I haven’t been too impressed with Telltale to be honest. Like you, I think it will be good to see some new point and click from someone else other than TT. 6th title?!? Why haven’t I heard of them before?

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