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PopCap Games just announced the results of a new survey which found that one third of all the adults in the United States and the UK play games on their mobile phones.

That means if you lived in a house by yourself with an adult neighbor on either side of you, then one of you plays games on some sort of mobile cellular device. Chances are it’s probably you because you’re here reading Gamer Limit. Hit the jump for more info about the survey and the results.

The survey was conducted by Information Solutions Group, and the results showed some interesting but not very surprising trends. Overall usage and frequency of mobile game playing increased in the US and the UK. People who own smartphones tend to be the most “avid consumers of mobile phone games.”

Out of the 2,425 people surveyed, over half said they had played a game on a mobile phone at some point. According to the purposes of the survey, that qualified them as mobile phone gamers. But here’s a stat that’s a little more telling: almost one fourth of the respondents said they had played a mobile phone game in the past week which qualified them as “avid mobile phone gamers” and over 80% of smartphone owners said they’d played a game within the past week.

For people who follow the video game industry, these results aren’t too revelatory. While I don’t own a smartphone, or even a phone that’s capable of playing games, I’ve noticed the rise of mobile gaming. Games like Angry Birds or Fruit Ninja have incredible widespread appeal and massive sales. I guess I better jump on the mobile gaming bandwagon as it sounds like I’m missing out on being part of a cutting edge section of the industry.

Complete survey results can be found at the Info Solutions Group’s website.

[Via PopCap Games]

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