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Say you love MMORPG’s and retro games? Up until now those two categories have been mostly mutually exclusive. No longer. Today Silk Games launched NEStalgia, an online multiplayer RPG that features a retro 8-bit visual style and aesthetics. Hit the jump for more information and a trailer.

NEStalgia just finished its beta period and is now available to download for free. Players are able to create their own avatar, rendered lovingly in 8-bit graphics, and join other players on quests. Battles are turn based affairs, which might feel strange for MMO players, but it should make retro gamers feel right at home.

However this isn’t simply playing a 2 player NES RPG lookalike. NEStalgia includes features inherent in modern day MMORPG’s: “In addition to the cooperation-focused PvE experience and memorable storyline, NEStalgia offers an incredibly balanced PvP system.” Not only that, but players are also able to create and join guilds, complete with their own customizable guild capes.

While I personally have never played an MMORPG outside a small stint with Fly For Fun because my brothers liked it, I’m intrigued by NEStalgia’s premise. I’m a sucker for sprites and retro artwork, so this might be the perfect game for me to test the MMO waters.

You can download NEStalgia from the game’s official website, though you need to also download the BYOND multiplayer game creation system in order to save your character and stats. But considering the game and registering with BYOND is 100%, I think most people won’t complain.

It’s little projects like this that really get me excited, much more than some of the big AAA titles out there. Go check it out. Maybe we’ll run into each other on a quest or something. I call dibs on a tank/melee class!

  1. Hahaha neat. Okay as a self admitted MMO junky I will take a look. If nothing else they should be given props for even making the effort on something this retro/indie as the odds of getting any return on it are slim to none.

  2. avatar HedonicWill

    I’ve died and gone to heaven.

  3. avatar Breda

    I want to find a really good mmoprg.I looked at alot but you have to download them.I need one that is free online.It cant be any of these:barbie girlsclub penguinadventurequestwonderland onlinethere.comeveand many more I just cant remember them.sorry that I cant.Ps I love to chat making my own room and being able to bring friends over or just some fighting games.thx.=)I remembered somerunescapeand boombang.

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