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ifun4all aims at the ground just between their feet. In an attempt to make ‘the worst game ever’, the European collective managed to make a fun iOS title, Crap of Defense, that garnered a number of good reviews. Snapping their fingers and hoping to get a harsher reception from the more hardcore handheld crowd, they ported the game as PSP mini Paper Wars: Cannon Fodder. Again much to their despair, they receive high marks. So, when other developers are shooting for the stars today with the likes of Bulletstorm and Killzone 3, ifun4all is limbo-ing under the bar with the Playstation Network version of the game, crap-tastic graphics in tow.

Now, the following gameplay video will lead you to believe the developer was truly trying to shoot itself in the foot. Taking a second look at the simple construction and the paper soldier formations (strategy!), it starts to look like a competent tower defense game and you realize ifun4all may know what they’re doing after all.

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  1. avatar Tanto

    Looks good. I’m in! might drop back later to let you know how it iz. Depends on how good you treat me.

    • avatar Khairinisa

      Okay, well diablo and CoD are VERY dfnefreit games. Let’s start with that Diablo 3 videos can be found at, or just type in www[dot] as they own that domain.It is a mmomud, I suggest just downloading Diablo2 and running through single player to get the idea. If you are an FPS minded player, which is sounds you are, then diablo is not the game for you.The cool thing about diablo compared to other like rpgs and whatnot, is that you can dodge attacks. You don’t just auto hit them, or automatically get hit, there is skill to the game. Only other game I’ve seen do that is Dragon Nest, and it’s not even released yet.

  2. avatar here

    It looks so bad, that I will have t play it immediately!

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