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What do you think of Chris’s first video review for Gamer Limit? Constructive feedback is extremely welcome in the comments!

  1. avatar A.W.

    did you say you didn’t play the first? well, no offense, but i really was looking for someone with that perspective. why not get two guys to review it, one who is a newbie, and one who is a veteran, right?

    Still otherwise good review. i felt like i got the multiplayer element’s lameness better than most reviews said it.

    but i still want it.

    And you need to play the first. yeah, its lame he never talks in the first one, but it is otherwise a really tight experience. it is everything resident evil 5 should have been.

    • I intend to pick up the original Dead Space at some point, to see what I’ve been missing out on!

      I would have liked to be able to compare the two games and give the people that have played the first Dead Space a better idea of what they can expect with DS2.

      Either way, Dead Space 2 is a very solid action-horror game and people that enjoy the genre should definitely pick it up.

    • As a fan of survival horror, and someone who beat Dead Space 1 twice, I didn’t really think it was all that – I don’t think you’re missing that much by not playing it. It had numerous amounts of dead time where you were just aimlessly wandering around similar looking corridors, solving terrible puzzles, and fighting the same enemies over and over. Dead Space 2 on the other hand, eliminates basically all of that. If there’s nothing to do, at the very least The Sprawl is something to ogle at.

      In my opinion, having someone come in with a fresh perspective on the second one is for the best. If you’re a fan of the first game, you will want to get Dead Space 2 for sure. If you’re not, check out Chris Bratt’s review.

  2. avatar Jordan

    I like the black ops map pack but id be interested to see what you think of two worlds 2. I never really got into the first one, so it will be cool to see what you think. As always nice review, ive got it coming in the next few days so i expect to be scared.

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