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By: | February 28th, 2011 | PC
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Every so often a game comes along that is so unique and clever that I just need to tell people about it. This time the game that has piqued my interest is Bloody Good Time, the spiritual successor to The Ship, published by Ubisoft and developed by Outerlight.

What makes this game so unique? For starters, the premise is that the secretive horror movie producer Director X, known for the realistic violence in his films, is in town. Players take on the role of actors, competing for fame and a shot to star in Director X’s new movie. Of course this involves killing off the competition. To make matters more interesting, there are security guards and cameras limiting where and when you can remove your competition.  

As if the guards didn’t add enough limitations to your slaying, Director X provides you with some rules and guidelines. You see, the game is broken up in several short rounds. At the start of each round the Director will tell you who your specific target is and which weapons will give you the most fame (represented by stars). Killing someone other than your target will cause you to lose fame. There are other ways to gain fame besides killing your target, however. You can steal fame and weapons from other players by sneaking up behind them and pressing a button. You can also taunt your target to gain fame, but beware. Taunting will let your target know you’re after them. I know this sounds really bizarre and complex, but after a round or two is becomes second nature.

I should probably state that I’ve only described one game mode (albeit the primary game mode). Each round, the director is able to change the objective of the game. For example, if he calls for “The Infected” game mode, one player will start off with a “fame sucking” disease that is transmitted via touch. The longer you are diseased, the more fame you will lose. In essence, the game becomes a round of tag, which is always fun when you incorporate weapons and traps.

I probably should spend a little time discussing what kind of armaments you will be using. Sure you can use a katana to lop of heads or a cross bow to take out your target from a distance, but in a game this wacky, you have to expect some novelty weapons. My personal favorites include: a remote control rat with a bomb strapped to it that you get to drive around and detonate, a frying pan, and a stun gun.

On top of weapons, you can also find “Murder Aids,” tools that can help you evade the player hunting you or trap your target. For example, you can find pills  that make you run faster, an electronic sheep that puts all near by players to sleep, or a tranquilizer gun which stuns enemies allowing you to make you move.

Another thing players need to look out for is environment-based traps. On every map there are certain locations that have built in traps. See a player hanging out by a fireplace? Just find and hit the trap button and watch the poor sap get engulfed in flames. While you won’t be getting tons of trap kills, it is something to be aware of.

On top of managing your inventory, keeping tabs on who’s after you and where your target is, Bloody Good Time forces you to deal with what are called your characters “needs.” Just like in real life, your character needs to eat, sleep and spend a little time in the bathroom. Represented by three little meters, your characters needs will actually affect how well you can survive. If you’re too hungry, you’ll end up doing less damage with your attacks. Too sleepy, and your movement speed will go way down. Wait too long to use the restroom and you’ll end up taking a lot more damage from attacks. There is a down side to fulfilling your need too, however. You see, when you sit down to sleep, eat or do your business, you are essential a sitting duck for 10 seconds. It may not seem like a lot of time, but when you don’t know who’s after you, it’s a nerve racking experience.

One of the main reasons Bloody Good Time appeals to me is that it’s so goofy and non-competitive that I often found myself not really caring about the scoreboard, but rather focusing on the most ridiculous way I could take out my target. You see, these past few months, the only game I’ve really been playing is StarCraft II. As any StarCraft player will tell you, SC2 is a pretty stressful game. If I have a particularly enraging day laddering on SC2, I know that Bloody Good Time will be the perfect way to let off some steam and have some fun.

I probably should mention that Bloody Good Time is only $5 on Steam and Xbox Live Arcade, making it affordable for almost any gamer. My only real problem with the game is that it doesn’t have a huge player base (at least on the PC), meaning that finding a server with people in it can be a challenge. What I would recommend is that, when picking up Bloody Good Time, try and get some of your buddies to tag along on the purchase (at $5 they’ll have a hard time saying no). This way, you guys all get to learn the game at the same time, fully populate a server, and get the added benefit of having fun and talking trash to people you actually know.

All in all, Bloody Good Time is by far one of the most interesting and innovative multiplayer experiences of recent gaming history. With a low price and an interesting set of game modes, you’d be doing yourself a disservice by not checking this game out.

Rating Category
8.5 Presentation
Considering how goofy the game is, the cartoony art style is a perfect fit.
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8.5 Gameplay
With tons of game modes, crazy weapons and a fun cartoony art style, chances are you'll have (as the name implies) a bloody good time.
7.5 Sound
After a game or two, you'll defiantly start to notice repeated dialogue
8.0 Longevity
So long as you can find people to play with, I can guarantee you'll get your $5 worth of fun.
8.0 Overall
For $5 Bloody Good Time is an absolute steal. Just make sure to bring your friends along for the ride.

  1. avatar here

    hmm…i’ll think about this game..


    Ive bought this game and it is awesome just be aware that the player base is low so you should get a friend or two to get it with you

    (people on this game only join if they see 3 or more people playing) :/

  3. avatar Fellsil3nt

    Yeah ITs a great game but not many people play ranked for some odd reason.

  4. avatar Noblaum

    You might want to remember that there is a “needs” factor. I kind of like it, it makes it more challenging without being too difficult but just in case you’re not in to eating/sleeping in-game. At least there aren’t as many as in The Ship.

  5. avatar Aniket

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