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In light of Activision killing off the Guitar Hero franchise, John Riccitiello said some interesting things when he spoke at this year’s Goldman Sachs Technology and Internet Conference.

The EA CEO mentioned that “If you go back seven years, we were the leader. And we dropped the ball. Our IP deteriorated, our costs went up, and we didn’t really have an answer for the rise of digital. Need For Speed ended up flat on its back. That annual sequel thing got to us. That was a very tough business run. We just didn’t have the portfolio.”

Now if only EA could lighten up on the yearly sports releases, and give us more awesome stuff like Dead Space 2, Dante’s Inferno and the Medal of Honor reboot I’d be a really happy camper.

[Via GoNintendo]

  1. If EA released a Madden every two years, and only charged $5 for a roster update in the off-year, I don’t think anyone would hate them.

    • I think I’ve seen that proposed by many journalists and bloggers. Roster updates in the meantime to spend more time focusing on making bigger changes to the overall game.

      I’m glad that EA seems to realize that the Activision way of business can’t last forever. I feel like EA and THQ have really turned themselves around.

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