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During a panel at Design Innovate Create Explore summit Blizzard’s president, Michael Morhaime, discussed the death of StarCraft Ghost – a title that has been on “indefinite hold” for the better part of a decade. Many of us have lost friends to World of Warcraft, some have lost their lives, and now we’ve lost StarCraft Ghost as well.

Last week, Morhaime mentioned that “They were working on StarCraft Ghost the same time we were working on World of Warcraft and StarCraft II” when “World of Warcraft exploded and we needed to make some resource decisions. It just wasn’t an environment in which a project like (StarCraft Ghost) could succeed.”

Back in the day, I was really looking forward to this. Of course, that was back when my Gamecube was shiny and new, but at least Blizzard is finally getting around to giving us an explanation. It just kind of sucks to hear that it’s because of the software equivalent of heroine.

  1. Back in the day when Ghost was still a possibility, I wanted it. Looking back now, I’m afraid it might have turned out like Command & Conquer Renegade. Kinda not-that-good-but-okay-for-fan-service.

  2. avatar Ferahtsu

    The concept for ghost was so mouth-watering. In retrospect, it appears that the halo series swooped in and stole the concept of Starcraft ghost. Remember how halo was originally an rts project?

  3. avatar A.W.

    I don’t know, if it would have been good or not, but I really admire the assets they were bringing to the table.

    (clears throat)

  4. avatar Kyle

    Starcraft should have been closed all together. WOW destroyed the Warcraft name and now I know the truth behind what happened to Ghost. Blizzard is a disgrace.

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