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Over this past summer I posted a little news story about TellTale Games and their acquisition of the rights to produce a Back to the Future game, as well as the rights to make a game set in the world of Jurassic Park. Well, as we all know, TellTale has recently released the first chapter of their Back to the Future game, receiving a ton of praise on it, however the developer has been pretty tight lipped as to what they are doing with Jurassic Park.

Well, TellTale has lifted the curtain releasing a few details about their dino-tastic adventure game. According to a recent article in Game Informer, Jurassic Park will be a five-part downloadable series that takes place on Isla Nublar (the island from the first movie). Acting as a direct sequel to the first (and as far as I’m concerned, only) movie, TellTale will tie up all the plot points, such as that secret shaving cream container full of dino DNA.

If you’re expecting a non-stop dino shoot em up, you’re going to be disappointed. According to Telltale director of marketing Joel Dreskin, “Universal didn’t want another dinosaur shooting game. That’s something from their side that interested them in Telltale Games as a partner for the property.”

Executive director Kevin Boyle added, “Story and character are a really important part of it. You are going to feel drama. You are going to feel tension. You’ll feel different kinds of emotions. There’s humor. Light moments. Downtime to get to like the characters. Certainly the wonder and awe of the island, and then everything breaks down to those moments of terror.”

TellTale has mentioned that the PS3 exclusive Heavy Rain has been a big influence in both gameplay and story telling. Boyle stated, “While our story is more linear than Heavy Rain, actions the player takes are reflected in the way the story is told. The choices the players make result in changes to the details of the story. Players will know we are paying attention to the decisions they make.”

Jurassic Park is currently on track to arrive sometime this year on the PC and unnamed consoles. Judging from the screen shots, my money is that the game will hit both the Xbox 360 and PS3, but that’s just my prediction.

What do you guys think about this? Are you excited for this game? What are you expecting from it? Let us know what you think with a comment below.


  1. I can’t get excited for this game. Jurassic Park just doesn’t do it for me. Though the “theme” song is pretty killer. I wish TellTale the best of luck. If the game turns out to be awesome then that’s just a win for everybody.

    Turok 64 will be the only dinosaur game for me.

  2. Sure I’m excited, the first JP was one of my favorite movies as a kid. Loved Heavy Rain too so I’ll keep my on it.

  3. avatar Ferahtsu

    Looks like this could be the next best Jurassic Park game since Jurassic Park 2: “The Chaos Continues” on SNES

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