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It may be a new year, but its the same old Nintendo downloadable title update. As usual, there’s a smattering of less than interesting titles hitting WiiWare and DSiWare this week. Unfortunately, there doesn’t appear to be a rose amongst all the shite this week. Well, actually, there might be one.

There is a demo for Dreambox Games’ adventure-platformer Robox. If you like classic Metroid, that might be worth checking out. Hit the jump for this week’s games with ridiculous names.


Sneezies (500 Wii Points)

Ghost Mania (500 Wii Points)

Robox® demo version (0 Wii Points; full version available for 1,000 Wii Points)

Nintendo DSiWare

Alt-Play: Jason Rohrer Anthology (200 DSi Points)

Word Searcher 2 (500 DSi Points)

Music on: Drums (500 DSi Points)

  1. I really wish the DSiWare service could use the extra WiiPoints I have to download the Alt-Play:JRA stuff… hopefully Nintendo fixes with the 3DS.

    • Yeah. Though, I can’t quite imagine wanting to pay money to play Passage.

    • I dropped $20 on a new Npoints card and picked up Alt-Play, Cave Story (bc I had no clue it was out on DSiWare already), and Mighty Flip Champs bc WayForward has made awesome stuff.

      I’ve paid for other Rohrer games (SiD), and have CaveStory on the Wii… but I love those dev’s and their games so much that anytime I have a chance to throw money at them for something they made, I tend to jump on the chance.

      Also… I plan on making people play Passage on my DS instead of trying to explain it. I’ll be like a missionary of art games, lol.

  2. Music on: Drums almost sounds like you’re giving commands to some sort of music playing computer. “Computer! Music: on. Drums! Now guitars!”

  3. Why is the title of this post the 1st of March?

    *Mumbles about crazy americans*

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