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There are several lucky people out there who didn’t have to get up and go to work on Monday, January 3rd — 2011′s first official business day. Those much envied few instead had the luxury of staying in bed, sleeping off the extra two days of partying that the rest of us didn’t get to enjoy. Perhaps they used Monday as yet another day of getting down.

Nevertheless, the hangover may have just set it. The world is spinning. The stomach has now begun on its long and arduous journey back to normalcy. For those of you who missed it (no matter if you were dozing at work or if you just drank your last martini like the guy above) 2011′s first Monday was an eventful day in the gaming world. Part hangover cure and part video game, Gamer Limit brings you the New Years News Mashup designed to ease you back into the gaming world one step at a time.

Level 1: Great Scott, I’m Late For Work!

You are late if you were super excited about Back To The Future The Game, had vowed to get the title as soon as it came out … and yet you still don’t have it. The first episode has been out for a week and already has critical acclaim pushing the series toward 88 miles per hour. USA Today says that, “[i]f you’re a fan of smart adventure games, then it is your ‘density’ to play this title.”

Those of you who weren’t too impressed with the trailer may be saying,”so what? My head hurts. It was a wild party. I’m going back to bed.” Here’s the first thirty minutes of gameplay to help make up your mind once and for all.

Moving on …

Level 2: More Pics & Vids, Like Persistent Sun Rays And Annoying Chirping Birds

The head is still pounding. The throat is dry. You try to go back to sleep but after that initial nudge, you can’t. The sun is coming through the blinds and those damned annoying birds just won’t stop. That’s the video game world right now, friend. More specifically, that’s Rockstar Games’ upcoming detective title L.A. Noir.

Rockstar released yet more screenshots Monday in what is becoming a steady stream of hype until Spring 2011. The rate of screenshots, videos and info coming out is a good thing overall. It lets us know they’re getting comfortable with the product and makes it less likely they will delay the game once more. More hangover cure after these pics.

The main thing Rockstar is touting with these new screenshots is their breakthrough method of capturing facial expression, MotionScan. For those unfamiliar with the process, it uses a good number of cameras to capture multiple angles of an actor’s face enough to port onto a video game character. What you get are amazingly realistic character expressions. Thus, Rockstar’s goal with L.A. Noir is to give players the added challenge of reading facial expressions to detect lying. It has also been said that MotionScan is so accurate you can mute the TV and be able to read their lips.

Fingers crossed for this one. Then again, when has Rockstar Games truly let us down?

Final Level: Then The World Smacks You In The Face

Boss battles are supposed to be hard. In this case, getting out of bed and getting on with life after a foray of New Year cocktails. It may feel like the world has indeed smacked you in the face. So, what is the video game news equivalent to Monday’s boss battle? How about the news that the Playstation 3 has finally been hacked?

Now, the above video is quite lengthy, so here’s the play by play. The 27th annual Chaos Communication Conference marked the end of 2010 and heralded the fall of the last bastion of secured consoles. fail0verflow, the group that hacked the Nintendo Wii, revealed that they found their way into the inner sanctums of the PS3 and broke the gates open for homebrew (using the hardware to run unauthorized systems).

When the PS3 was first released, it had an OtherOS feature that allowed other operating systems to be run off of its hardware. This is a dream for those more technically inclined. With the ability to install Linux for example, you could use the PS3 as a super cheap home PC. Sony later removed this feature to the ire of hackers world wide. It essentially painted a sign on thePS3′s back that read, “hack me”. That’s what fail0verflow did.

Now, the hacker group has yet to release the full details since they’re in the midst of cleaning up their product, but the video above shows that they did it. As the man says, it apparently was an epic fail on Sony’s part. They left the keys to the OtherOS feature in the hardware, the equivalent to leaving your house key under the doormat.

How was that? Is your hangover cured? Let us know your thoughts about any of the three levels of the New Years News Mashup below.

  1. Sadly my issue isn’t a hangover but a case of chronic bronchitis. Still not excited for back to the future but La Noire can’t get here soon enough. As for PS3 hacking? Like the main said “It is an inevitability Mr. Anderson.”

  2. avatar Ferahtsu

    Built a big backlog thanks to the Holiday sale on Steam

    • avatar Luigii

      Is this for real…! I come in to work: check my work email, go to the department meiteng, get bored and sneak a peek at my fav blogs and…this. Hm…I’ll get by the next few hours at my desk dreaming of sweating it out in some hot new gear! Dreamy.

    • avatar Hyago

      I love shabby apple and I am super extceid that they now have a fitness line. Yay motivation to work out. I just got Wii Fit Plus and new workout clothes would really be a great add!

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  3. I ended up being too hungover on New Year’s Day to even contemplate playing video games. But then on the 2nd I played lots of Mass Effect.

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