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The first ever DLC pack for the charming puzzle-race hit Raskulls is out today on the Xbox Live Arcade, for a measly 160 Microsoft Points. Don’t be fooled by the official XBLA description: the pack does come with a brand new cup in addition to the advertised four extra characters, which feature four new multiplayer levels.

I just tried them out a little while ago, and I’m excited to say they include some pretty neat mechanics from the Mega Quest, and are sure to please fans. This pack couldn’t have come sooner for some, as one of the chief complaints of Raskulls, from part of the community, was that it didn’t feature enough levels – well, here are four more for your perusal! Hopefully Halfbrick will have even more in store for us in the coming months, and everyone who has been holding out for more content can jump on board with this surprisingly fun game.

  1. I played the demo, and I don’t think I saw the appeal. Maybe the multiplayer is better than the single player.

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