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The news-o-sphere, blog-o-sphere, Twitter, Facebook, etc. were lit ablaze last week when the latest L.A. Noire trailer, announced to be released Monday, was leaked. Fervor over the official date, plot line  and the always stunning visual flair mounted. Albeit with just as much fervor, Rockstar Games and Team Bondi pulled the trailer before it had a chance to really explode upon the world. Needless to say, their PR strategy was dealt a blow.

For all those who have missed it, and all those who caught a glimpse but want to relive that magic moment without the particular feeling of having bitten into a forbidden fruit, Gamer Limit has the trailer and wants to know what you think.

Despite the general release date in the trailer, L.A. Noire will officially come to North American consoles on May 17, May 20 for Europe according to the Rockstar newswire. Some questions for you, dear readers:

  • Is this already on your wishlist?
  • With all the new technology being pumped into the game, do you think Rockstar and Bondi will hit a homerun out of the gate? Or, is it going to be a good first step, but the title won’t come into its own until perhaps a sequel? (Rockstar isn’t perfect, after all. Remember, the Red Dead franchise didn’t do well until Redemption.)
  1. The facial animation tech looks great, but I can’t get excited for this game. The whole 1940′s, cops, noire-setting, etc. is boring to me. Now if Rockstar or Bondi (whoever owns it) would license this tech out to other studios…

    • “The whole 1940?s, cops, noire-setting, etc. is boring to me”

      I’m the opposite to be honest. I’m much more excited about the theme/style of L.A. Noire than the new technology they are using. I love the genre and cannot wait for the release :)

  2. avatar It's spelt Noire.


  3. Already got a preorder in from way back. The new tech is nice but for me it is the setting and story that I am most looking forward to. In some ways the faces are frankly quite strange because they seem artificial. Close enough to almost be real but just wrong enough to make the “I am a video game face” stand out more than it normally would.

    So yeah, I think the tech needs a few more releases before it will come into it’s own.

    • Yeah when I re-watched the trailer I kept thinking, “uncanny valley, uncanny valley.”

      Especially since the main character is an actor on “Mad Men” which I love. It’s doubly disconcerting to see his video game rendered face like that.

  4. Looks like a cross between GTA and Fahrenheit/Indigo Prophesy, which is a winner in my book!

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