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Today indie publisher Paradox announced that it’s new co-op Norse-based fantasy action game Magicka has sold over 30,000 copies in it’s first 24 hours of being released. Pretty impressive considering the developer, Arrowhead Studios, is just an eight person operation. What’s even more impressive is that because of those 24 hours, Magicka is now topping the charts on Valve’s Steam service.
According Paradox Interactive producer Shams Jorjani, “The reception for Magicka has been better than we dared to hope. Single player and LAN is what most people are currently playing but updating the multiplayer lobby and continuously improving the game is our top priority.”

Despite these high sale numbers, Magicka has been catching some flack over bugs and other various errors. Paradox has promised that patches are incoming, with the first round of fixes hitting Steam last night.

While I haven’t had a chance to check out Magicka yet, something tells me I should. From what I’ve read, the game plays similarly to Diablo mixed with Gauntlet. Top that off with local multiplayer and gamepad support and it sounds like a good time to me.

What do you guys think? Anyone have a chance to check Magicka out yet? If so, what are you first impressions? On a side note, do you guys get upset when indie games are released with bugs and the like? I mean, personally, I tend to be forgiving when it comes to indie developers, but that’s just me. Let us know what you think by leaving a comment below.


  1. If it’s like Diablo then I’m in. I don’t know if my computer could run it though… If it was on consoles, I’d get it in a heartbeat.

  2. I’ve watched some gameplay on Youtube and I LOVE that such a small group of developers have managed to create something innovative like this and have some real success.

  3. avatar Stessie

    I think the most funny thing in this game are the mis-casts and the bugs Some bugs are so funny . Best of all is when u are bugging bsaucee you mis-casted XD epic game, worth the money i spent on it. Never gonna regret.

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