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Now, it can’t be shiny if it hasn’t been launched yet. With that context, this article’s title is a misnomer. There are several reasons why, however, when’s Appstore is launched, it will make Apple’s squint — if not from the shine, then from the sheer affront of invading its personal space to convert iPhone owners into Android enthusiasts. More after the jump.

Type in “developer.” instead of the usual “www.” before and you’ll be greeted with the beta portal, which the company just opened to developers on Tuesday. Dig a little deeper by clicking on the blog link at the bottom and you can read the pitch. Can you guess which notable gaming publisher has most likely read it already?

Since December, EA Mobile has focused on building a gaming audience on the Android platform, riding the success it has been having on the iPhone with smash app hits the likes of Need For Speed Shift. The publishing behemoth’s mobile arm will most likely be on the forefront of’s new app outlet given recent statements made by its VP of worldwide publishing. Why else should us gamers take note of’s latest foray into the application market?

Up until now, those who wished to play on their Android devices had to purchase applications from the Google driven Android Market. While sufficient in trumpeting the more popular apps on the platform, Market also lets a good number of faulty apps slip through to the ire of many mobile gamers due to Google’s lax approval policies. Too many apps have been downloaded only to malfunction or simply crash upon loading.

According to Tech Crunch,’s Appstore will have a more stringent approval process similar to Apple’s. This means Android device owners can expect better quality applications. As always, when there’s better quality, there’s a better chance more gamers will pay attention. Couple that with’s stellar marketing expertise and the gauntlet has been thrown. Let the iStore – Appstore battle begin.

  1. I am so down for this. I’ve been waiting for the Droid to catch up to the AppStore and if Google isn’t going to do it…go Amazon! If the PlayStation Phone does turn out to be Android…EA/Amazon/Sony/Google synergy would make me so stoked.

  2. I’m probably going to end up getting an Android phone soon, which is sweet, because I’ll have access to the iTunes market via my iPod Touch, and the Android store – both of which I would consider “consoles”.

    Now to get that newly announced TV with exclusive built in apps…

    • If you’re interested in using it for games, I would recommend one of the Motorola ones over the HTC ones. I’ve downloaded games that require keyboards, so I can’t play them on my Eris.

  3. I feel so behind the times when I read articles like these. My phone is at least three years old. I can download ring tones and music on it, but internet browsing, playing games are beyond my reach.

    My experience with mobile games has been limited to playing skee ball and bowling on my Dad’s iPad one time.

  4. avatar Missy

    I can’t hear aytnhing over the sound of how awesome this article is.

    • avatar Edgar

      Before going further, peslae note that you’ll have to pay 25USD for a Google developer account in order to publish apps for the Android Market. For the iPhone AppStore (iTunes), it’s even more expensive, 99$ a year minimum I think.Now for your question:The most easy way to develop an Android app is through the Google (Android) AppInventor since you virtually draw the application and graphically organize its actions and the dependencies between the screens. It’s kind of like in Visual Basic if you know that already. Anyway, even if you have no experience, AppInventor is really a good way to start, it includes an emulator, and it’s free of course. However, in order to package it in an .apk (to run it on a phone) or to publish on the market, it’s not a straightforward step but it’s possible anyway through PhoneGap for instance.Further step would be using JavaScript programming through a platform like Appcelerator Titanium. They have developed a bridge between JavaScript and both Obj-C (iOS: iPhone/iPad) and Java (Android). So the good thing, is once you compile the app, it’s usable for both iPhone/iPad and Android phones/tablets. Titanium includes emulators for all those platforms. In addition, it allows to package even for MacOS X (Apple computers) but you have to pay something for Apple, again.Unless you already know and master Java, in that case go directly with Eclipse IDE and hard code.

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