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Depicted above is the splash page to the updated website promoting Hybrid, 5th Cell’s latest title. It gives you the choice between siding with the Paladin or the Variants. Depending on your choice, you will click through to either a depraved, boarded up room or a stylishly sleek, high tech chamber, both replete with several goodies. Among the goodies are journals revealing a bit of the story for either side, brand new screens and the trailer.

“God didn’t create hell, the Variants did,” says the voice somewhat gaudily in the trailer. Yes, the teaser may sample a bit of the melodramatic, and also those new journal entries, but the game itself is guaranteed to be bold for several reasons.

Hybrid is the developer’s first venture into the console arena, particularly Xbox LIVE Arcade. 5th Cell made a name for itself on the Nintendo DS with such titles as Drawn to Life and Scribblenauts, both sporting unique gameplay that encouraged players to create with the stylus (pictures for Drawn to Life and words with Scribblenauts). Both also sport a 2D, cartoon style in more amicable worlds. Thus, Hybrid also represents a daring new direction for the company as they take on the  darker and more mature milieu of the shooter.

According to 5th Cell, the title “is a pioneering third person shooter set in a devastated post apocalyptic world, giving players a completely new gameplay experience never seen before in the genre.” Like the trailer, this isn’t much to differentiate Hybrid, still in its nascent stage. Albeit, knowing 5th Cell’s penchant for blazing new trails of interaction, there’s much hope. Check out the screenshots below.

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