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Update: the full trailer was shown at VGA 2010 and can be seen here.

Brace yourself: Uncharted 3 is confirmed to be in development and will be launched in 2011.

Revealed¬†as Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception, a first look from Entertainment Weekly confirms the next instalment will follow Drake and Sully as they embark on a journey through a lost city, encompassing locations including Rub’ al Khali Desert as seen in the screenshot above.

Gameplay additions are said to include the ability to fight multiple enemies at once and backward climbing, along with an expanded multiplayer. Entertainment Weekly also revealed an all too brief teaser trailer for the game, but the full reveal will be premiered at the VGA awards this Saturday, December 11.

  1. avatar A.W.

    Yeah, that picture is better than the entire teaser trailer.

    Btw, what do you want to bet that the plane will crash after a completely insane firefight on the plane? I am thinking like when that building collapsed while you were in it, in UC2. Something crazy like that.

  2. I know Shawn Evans is psyched.

    But so am I!

  3. avatar Anonymous

    OMG cannot wait

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