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The most exciting title hitting Nintendo’s downloadable services this week is Fluidity. I had an opportunity to play this title while at PAX. It’s a fun, physics-based puzzle platformer and it’s definitely worth a look. The game puts you in control of a flow of water, and rotating the Wii remote will rotate the scenery and will allow you to navigate the water through the mazes which make up the title’s levels.

A demo of the game is also available on Wii-Ware…so you have no excuse to try this title out.

The rest of this week’s titles await you after the break.


Fluidity (1,200 Wii Points)

Fluidity [demo version] (0 Wii Points)

Racers’ Islands – Crazy Arenas (600 Wii Points)

Fireplacing (500 Wii Points)

Virtual Console

Wolf of the Battlefield: COMMANDO [NES] (800 Wii Points)

SONSON [NES] (800 Wii Points)


Dairojo! Samurai Defenders (800 DSi Points)

Space Ace® (800 DSi Points)

Rytmik Rock Edition (200 DSi Points)

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