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Back in the day when I was still wearing braces,  getting in trouble for skate boarding in the school yard and was death afraid of girls (who at the time stood at least a head taller than me) my favourite multiplayer game was…well, I guess it was Goldeneye. That was the first, and unfortunately only, FPS that I was able to whoop everyone and there brother at.

My second favourite multiplayer game back then was…Super Smash Bros. Dammit. Well, a game I really liked was Mario Party 2 and it’s out out this week on Virtual Console. Hit the jump for more info on that and this week’s other releases.

Virtual Console

Mario Party 2 [N64] (1,000 Wii Points)


Frobot (1,000 Wii Points; demo version available for 0 Wii Points)

Inkub (500 Wii Points)

Nintendo DSi-Ware

Dragon’s Lair II: Time Warp (800 DSi Points)

Cosmo Fighters (500 DSi Points)

Paul’s Monster Adventure (500 DSi Points)

Just SING! Christmas Vol. 2 (200 DSi Points)

  1. Mario Party 2 is my favorite one in the series. I think it’s the best one.

  2. avatar Richard

    Nintendo 3DS pricing?I’m still iffy about bynuig a 3DS when it comes out due to being 16, getting older, and etc. One thing that keeps bugging me is the price. Nintendo didn’t even say when this thing is coming out. I saw that some sites are saying the 3DS could cost anywhere from $249-$299 which is really expensive, and the same price as a Wii (if it’s $299, then it’s even higher) when it launched in November of 2006. If the price is $199 I’ll consider it. But if this is going to cost me $249 plus however much a game costs, I might have to pass on bynuig one. My gut feeling is the games will bump up to either $40 or $50 because of the new features they come with.Any official news on this yet? I wish Nintendo would open up more about it.

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