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Last week, developer differentcloth brought the award-winning indie title lilt line to Nintendo’s Wii-Ware service. In a recent interview, lilt line developer Gordon Midwood had some interesting things to say about the Wii and the rhythm genre in general.

Midwood recently tweeted, “@16bit everyone’s got a wii, they just need to try & remember where they saw it last – good news tho eh? (US only on 13th, EU coming later)”, going on to tell GameSetWatch “It’s a shame what happened to the Wii really, given its potential. The software never came out apart from the Mario games and the downloadable games that only you and I are interested in.”

Taking the opportunity to talk music, a major component of his games, Midwood describes “Dubstep”, the bass and reverb heavy electronic music featured in lilt line, as “irregular beats and it’s aggressive. It can get quite heavy and be quite discordant”. The title’s soundtrack was done by a Dubstep group called 16bit whom “got in touch with through Myspace. [The music matched] the visual style. So it all just came together to be what it is”.

Midwood went on to speak about how a soundtrack can greatly alter an experience. However, he doesn’t seem to fond of country, which apparently goes along well with “being paralyzed in the brain.” He expressed some concern that the country fans would come out of the woodwork to give him a piece of their minds. I would have be a little more worried about his stance on the Wii and all the angry Nintendo fanboys. Midwood even went as far as to suggest, albeit jokingly, that the interview’s headline be ”Wii is Shit. Country Music Worse.”

[Via GoNintendo]

  1. avatar Ferahtsu

    not all country music sucks, though I don’t personally care for it

  2. Based on the headline, I thought the guy was actually calling the Wii shit. He just said it didn’t live up to its potential because aside from some 1st party games, there are no high profile 3rd party games for it.

  3. avatar Yoshiko

    Great episode! And Mad World ralley was a kickass game! It’s too bad tho it was meant for hardcore wii gamers and didn’t do too well. Waay too much fun with all the blood and what-not. I was thinking about the Showdown segment and I’d love to go head-to-head-to-head against Michael and Andrea in Guitar Hero 3 or World Tour. Since Andrea hasn’t won the last two times and this time Michael had an advatage maybe a game Andrea rocks at might be fun to watch! I’m on Twitter at PforPoncho

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