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It’s been widely known that Gran Turismo 5 features the track of dreams; BBC’s Top Gear test track, famously renowned for testing the driving diligence of celebrities and, of course, the Stig.

With this in mind, I decided to put its authenticity to the test by compiling a recorded lap in a Ferrari 458 Italia coupled with Jeremy Clarkson’s commentary from the Stig’s televised lap in the same car. The result is what you see in the video above.

While I think you will agree that with a spot of editing it is indeed possible to create a convincing Top Gear imitation,  it’s a shame the game doesn’t include the authentic camera angles from the show, not to mention his Stigness as a playable driver. Nonetheless, it’s still tremendous fun to drive around and offers great incentive to try and compete with Top Gear’s Power Lap board.

Gamer Limit’s review of Gran Turismo 5 will be up this week.

  1. avatar Korix

    Nice job.
    It’s a shame they didn’t use their heads when they decided to make the start a rolling start. Also, what was your time?

  2. Stig can’t be a playable character, he would basically instantly destroy every track if they made him authentic. That and the soundtrack would probably be replaced by bad 70′s disco…

  3. avatar FLEX

    Great video.How long did it take you to put the video together?I love GT5!

  4. avatar Ferahtsu

    Clever idea for a video.

  5. avatar Sheilah Congleton

    Outstandingly illuminating thanks, It is my feeling your current subscribers may possibly just want a good deal more blog posts similar to this keep up the excellent content.

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