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By: | December 25th, 2010 | WiiWare
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Differentcloth’s lilt line received some attention last year when it was released for iPhone and won the Independent Games Festival’s Award for Audio Achievement. Now, this cool little rhythm-racer is making its way to Wii-Ware with the help of Gaijin Games, the guys behind the Bit.Trip series.

But is the Wii release any good? Or is it just a quick and dirty port of a phone game?

Conceptually, lilt line is a very simple game – you navigate a line moving through corridors. This is controlled by the Wii remote, which you rotate, a la Bit.Trip BEAT, forwards or backwards to move along a vertical axis. Your basic goal is to not hit any of the walls and get to the end of the track unharmed.

Along the way you will encounter vertical rectangular beams of light. When the line passes through these beams will need to hit any button on the Wii remote. These beams correspond with beats in the song outlining the basic rhythm and really get you feeling engaged in lilt line’s superb soundtrack.

Each level begins with the highest score possible. If you fail to hit the beats or collide with the walls points will be detracted. Hitting zero score means game over. Passing through a level unscathed and in rhythm will result in a “Perfect” score.

While that may sound simple enough, just remember that this is a Gaijin Games release. Successfully traversing lilt line’s 15 levels will be quite the endeavor. The speed at which the line travels is not under your control, something you may be familiar with if you’ve played Bit.Trip RUNNER, and the speed at which the line travels increases dramatically as the game progresses. Managing to navigate this increasingly speedy line through the twists and tight turns of lilt line’s levels quickly becomes quite challenging.

Visually, lilt line is everything you have come to expect of a Gaijin Games release. It’s abstract, simplistic, minimalistic, and colorful.

The soundtrack is the main draw for the title. lilt line features a fantastic dubstep soundtrack by 16bit. Each level has a unique track filled with thick bass lines, and reverberant drum beats. It’s catchy and surprisingly varied with hip-hop and jazz influenced electronic tracks ranging from meandering melodies to break-beck beats. Considering how many times you’ll be playing a level to successfully complete it, the tunes will no doubt stay with you long after you turn off your console.

It’s clear why Gaijin Games brought this game over from iOS. It may have been made by Gordon Midwood‘s differentcloth but it’s certainly cut from the same cloth as the Bit.Trip series. If you’re a fan of the Bit.Trip games or just rhythm games in general you will no doubt enjoy lilt line. The game has a fantastic soundtrack and simplistic but enjoyable gameplay. It may not be the deepest or most varied experience around, but for 500 Wii points you really can’t go wrong with picking this one up.

Rating Category
8.0 Presentation
Visually, lilt line is everything you have come to expect of a Gaijin Games release. It’s abstract, simplistic, minimalistic, and colorful.
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7.0 Gameplay
Much like the game in its entirety, the gameplay is simplistic, engaging and fun.
9.0 Sound
The dubstep soundtrack is absolutely fantastic.
6.0 Longevity
There's only fifteen levels, but the brutal difficulty should give you plenty of playtime with this release.
7.5 Overall
With a fantastic soundtrack and great rhythm-based gameplay this release lives up to the pedigree of Gaijin Games' growing library of fantastic Wii-Ware releases.

  1. Ah. Now I know what this game is about. I don’t think it’s a game for me though.

  2. I’m not too interested in paying Wii prices for games I can get on my portable iPhone for cheaper, but great review nonetheless!

    • Yeah, I think I would enjoy this a lot more if I could get it on the go. Unfortunately, it seems like most devs ignore the Droid Market. If anyone’s interested, I would definitely check out the iOS version.

    • avatar Ayura

      Alrite. The new xbox 250gb has something in the back to ealisy connect with the Kinect. I read somewhere that old models have to plug it into another outlet and osmething else. But, yeah all 360 s will work. Just saw the Demo on tv, looks bamf!

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