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Anyone who uses Valve’s Steam service is probably familiar with their killer sales. Well, today Valve kicked off their biggest sale event of the year: the annual Holiday Sale. Running until January 2, this year’s holiday sale features savings on almost everything on Steam. Aside from jaw dropping deals on singular titles (which rotate every day), this years sale also features some ludicrously low prices on publisher complete packs. For example you can get every Bethesda game on Steam (including Fallout: New Vegas) for $69.99. If that doesn’t impress you, how about every Square Enix title + DLC for $74.99, a savings of $275.

To see the whole list of today’s daily sale, hit the jump.

Today’s daily Steam deals are:

  1. avatar tehwonderful1

    Im gonna lose so much money

  2. Battlefield and Meat Boy are tempting.

    • Man, I cannot recommend BF:BC2 enough. The PC community is great (especially the folks over at Also Vietnam just came out a few days ago (PC got it early $$$) and it’s awesome. Nothing beats gunning down Charlie while blasting Fortunate Son.

    • I’ve been thinking about picking it up on PS3 for a while now but I checked it out and my PC specs meet the system requirements and for 6 bucks it’s a deal. The game is absolutely massive though. I’ve been DLing for several hours and its not even near finished.

    • I found this tip helpful: If you go to the Steam settings, go to the Download + Cloud tab and change your download location to something like Ukraine or some other exotic local chances are you’re download will shoot up cause of lack of traffic.

    • Super, even though it meets specs it’s chuggy and unplayable.

    • How is $3.75 tempting lol? I wasn’t sure about SMB but at that price it’s hard to be disappointed.

  3. I think I’m going to get the Deus Ex duology because it’s only $2.99, and I want to be ready for Human Revolution.

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