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Not much is known about the upcoming swan song to Gaijin Games’ Bit.Trip series - Bit.Trip FLUX. However, some images of the title have surfaced. These screens were unlocked by completing the Bit.Trip level of  Mission in Snowdriftland. Now this is all wild speculation but from the looks of things, FLUX may be something akin to Bit.Trip BEAT in reverse.

While details on this title may be scarce, excitement for it definitely is not. Why not whittle away the time until FLUX‘s release by checking out the Wii-Ware demos for Bit.Trip FATE and lilt line, the full games, the four other Bit.Trip titles on Wii-Ware, or Bit.Trip Beat for Steam/the iDevices.

Also, why not hit the jump and check out the rest of these sexy Bit.Trip FLUX screens.


  1. avatar R.S. Hunter

    It definitely looks Beat-esque. Man, Gaijin Games really knows how to crank these games out. It feels like just yesterday that Beat was coming out.

  2. avatar Gerl

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