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It’s November everybody… Why not start the month off right with some downloadable Nintendo games? Hit the jump for this week’s releases.

Robox (1,000 Wii Points) Adventure and explore as a probe sent to a strange planet in order to investigate the loss of several previous probes. Rebuild your ship after a crash landing, and manipulate the indigenous wildlife to complete your mission and get home.

Gene Labs (500 Wii Points) Gene Labs is an arcade puzzle game set in the world of genetic science and experiments. Distribute the anti-virus solution to the cells visible under the microscope before they become infected by deadly virus. Drag the solution from healthy cells to infected cells to kill them and/or prevent the healthy cells from becoming infected by the bad virus.

Gene Labs (200 DSi Points) – the DSiWare version of the WiiWare game.

Paul’s Shooting Adventure (200 DSi Points) is a side-scrolling shooter staring a flying superhero baby. What more could you want for two dollars?

Peg Solitaire (500 DSi Points) A classic thinking game, Peg Solitaire is a board game for solo players where you have to move pegs strategically on a cross-shaped board with 33 holes.

STREET SLAM (900 Wii Points) is a NEOGEO street basketball game that was released back in 1994 and here it is again available for the Wii.

  1. avatar R.S. Hunter

    1,000 Wii Points for a game about probing wildlife? That doesn’t sound like a very good deal.

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