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We have experienced that sensation of regret after trying out a new game for the first time. Luckily, there are plenty of options to return or sell back these stinkers. However, as we move towards a future where physical media no longer exists, our options to combat buyer’s remorse are fading away. Demos attempt to solve these issues, giving gamers a taste of the action before they throw down their hard earned cash. It even gives developers and publishers an opportunity to draw in an audience that might not have been aware or interested in their title.

Yet, Nintendo’s Wii-Ware service has been largely devoid of demos – in a frustrating contrast to all of its competitors. For a brief time Wii owners could enjoy snippets of titles like World of Goo and Bit.Trip Beat, but the idea was scrapped before it even really found its legs. Luckily, Nintendo is bringing demos back to the console.

Hit the jump for the titles you’ll be able to try this Friday.

Furry Legends, Jett Rocket, ThruSpace and Zombie Panic in Wonderland will be available for you to try free of charge. Unfortunately, the demos will only be available “for a limited time only ensuring the line-up is constantly kept refreshed to provide players with a varied and entertaining experience.” So make sure you get them while you can.

I am quite interested in trying Zombie Panic in Wonderland. What games would you like to see demos for?

[Via VG247]

  1. avatar R.S. Hunter

    I love demos, especially for downloadable games because there’s no way to return them or sell them if you don’t like them.

  2. I personally think that WiiWare absolutely needs demos. The service has that many terrible games on it that playing the games before buying them is an absolute must for me.

    I can’t wait to try out Jett Rocket either. I’ve been eyeing it for quite some time.

  3. avatar jefe

    i would like to see a boy and his blob on demo

    • avatar Eni

      - He’s so cute! That’s so funny about the Spanish. When we adopted Duchess, she had onraiiglly came from Hialeah and I thought for SURE she’d know Spanish but she didn’t, lol.

  4. avatar Bradley

    I am not seeing any Demos available yet…

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