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Indie games are coming in thick and fast on the 360, and with so many “Free MS Points” offers being peddled by various publishing firms, gamers are able to take advantage of titles they may never have noticed before.

Monsters (Probably) Stole My Princess may not be a shoe-in for GOTY, but at just 240 MS Points, this addictive little title is sure to entertain you for a couple of hours.

Taking on the role of the egotistical – yet always amusing – Dracula-esque protagonist, players are required to aid in the “rescue” of The Duke’s princess by destroying several pesky monsters. Jumping to conclusions at every possible moment, your character assumes that, since his princess has vanished, the beasties inhabiting the local surrounds must be responsible.

Through five short-but-sweet single player missions, players must defeat some beautifully crafted monsters in order to progress to the next level – and ultimately find the princess. Monsters (Probably) Stole My Princess takes on an upward-scrolling format that hearkens back to games of a few decades ago. Using a simple one-button, one-joystick configuration, The Duke must chase down each level’s perpetually climbing monster and defeat it before it reaches the top.

Sounds simple, yes? That’s because it is. Unfortunately, anyone that has played a video game for more than a couple of hours will be able to master Monsters in just a few minutes. There is no difficulty setting, so it’s silly to return to the main storyline for a second – more challenging – playthrough. The developers have attempted to counter the game’s simplicity by adding a Score Attack mode, but this only serves as “filler”, and repetition begins to set in after a couple of runs.

Apart from the lack of challenge, there is plenty to enjoy here. The storyline is entertaining, and The Duke’s constant mockery of monsters will remind you of at least one haughty friend. In terms of graphics, the cartoon vibe is polished and looks fantastic in HD. Gaining combos and attempting to one-up your own high scores is also sure to see gamers return from time to time.

As an indie game, Monsters is an ideal time length. I managed to kick out the single player mode in around 20 minutes, but Score Attack adds at least another hour, and a bit more of a challenge for completionists. At only five levels long, the game is able to run its course without becoming too samey, and for the relatively cheap price it will leave gamers with a sense of accomplishment at being able to master such a title in a relatively short amount of time.

While I can’t see people rushing out to buy Monsters (Probably) Stole My Princess over Fable III or New Vegas, I can confirm that players will get a kick out of the left-of-centre gameplay, and if nothing else walk away with their heads held high and a smile on their faces. And isn’t that what every good game should be able to do?

Gamer Limit gives Monsters (Probably) Stole My Princess 8.5/10

  1. Sounds interesting. This review makes me want to get the game. Who doesn’t want a quick, upward-scrolling game that’s cheap? You don’t see much of those these days.

    The pic also intimates it’s kid safe for when we have visitors with kids. (Am I giving away my age group here?)

    Alas, I’m saving my DLC money for Undead Nightmare — not at all kid safe. Monsters (Probably) Stole My Princess is definitely going on the list, though.

  2. Awesome review man! I’ve always wanted to pick this up for pennies, but I can never seem to keep cash on my PSN wallet.

    • avatar Abhishek

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  3. avatar A.W.

    i got this a while back as a recommendation as a psp mini. a nice extra, it works on the ps3, simultaneously.

    Its okay for what it is. But for ps3/psp owners you are much better served by Age of Zombies. That has alot of humor, too, as the main character is sort of a mockery of the duke nukem type guy that used to be popular. Alot of great, absurd dialogue. Like let me give you one joke. Its all about traveling through time to kill zombies in different eras. at one point you are in the cave man days, and what drops in? a zombie dinosaur. And the hero says something close to this, “holy balls! You are so cool I just crapped my pants!” Absurd but kind of brilliant.

    Btw, i am hip deep in the new God of War (Ghost of Sparta) and loving it. the way they handle continuity issues is kind of funny but they still manage to show Kratos being completely f—ed over, again, and its pretty awesome. of course i am just scratching the surface, but its great so far.

    • avatar Mabercitoo

      Can’t believe I misesd this my email’s playing up Awesome song huh? And what an album! It’s kept my foot tapping and heart joyous for the past 2 weeks. Moving again so hope to catch a few more of your town gigs. Lots of love and happy just-past-birthday wishes, Sx

  4. avatar Minji

    - Hi Jen! It’s a good question. I’ve been reiadng lately they people are having trouble lately finding the Contaxt at a good price. Due to the popularity of Jose Villa, Elizabeth Messina, and Jonathan Canlas (all who shoot on Contax) they are much harder to get these days. A year ago would have been a different story. I’m actually having trouble finding inserts that are affordable and they used to be seriously cheap like $50. I bought mine in pieces (first the body, then the lens, then the prism, then the back, etc.) and it kept the price down considerably but I had to be patient. The hasselblad is a great option but from experience I did get tired of the square format. However, I think there is an insert you can buy for it to change formats. A friend told me recently to buy the F6! How do you like it? I’d love an alternative to the expense of medium format but yes, in general photographing on film is a lovely experience.

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