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The 12th of November proved to be a momentously uplifting day for Gran Turismo devotees as, after months of rumours, delays and teasing leaks, the final release date for Gran Turismo 5 was finally announced amidst a plethora of ecstatic cheers and relief.

In conjunction, the full car list was also unveiled, confirming that Gran Turismo 5 will have no less than 1031 cars to drive. It’s an undeniably staggering feat for a video game, and easily the largest line-up of cars ever seen in a driving game, trouncing GT4’s previous 700+ strong car collection.

However, there may well be over 1000 cars but literally half of these are from Japanese manufacturers – there are almost 100 Mazdas, and no less than 40 variations of the bloody Nissan Skyline, for example. It’s beyond excessive.

Now I appreciate that Polyphony are indeed a Japanese company, but I can’t help but think that things are a tad unbalanced here: when there are 135 Nissans and only 12 Ferraris, there is cause for concern and outcry. Then again, it is almost to be expected considering the original Gran Turismo consisted almost entirely of Japanese cars and it wasn’t until GT2 that Polyphony discovered the rest of the world.

The thing is, Turn 10, the American developers of Gran Turismo’s main rival Forza Motorsport, also managed to construct an impressively large garage of cars in their latest game, but you don’t see Forza Motorsport 3 overrun with gas guzzling American muscle cars and pointless variants of the same models. In fact, GT5 includes more Japanese cars than the entire showroom of Forza 3. Take note Polyphony.

Things didn’t start off well with the Standard vs. Premium model debate. You see, because Polyphony’s modelling team are fixated with crafting car models with a level of detail that surpasses real life, it would be impossible for every last car to maintain the same quality, let alone fit it all on disc.

Because of this, Polyphony revealed that around 800 cars would be “Standard” models, which were mostly upgraded car models from GT4 with a fresh lick of high definition gloss and updated physics. Premium models however are said to be lavished with an unprecedented level of detail along with fully rendered interiors, meaning that the majority of cars in the game will not be playable with the revolutionary new cockpit camera view. It was even recently reported that you cannot change the wheels on Standard cars, which is an unforgivable sin for those who love to endlessly tinker in the GT Auto.

What we’re possibly left with, then, are roughly 700 – 800 cars directly lifted from GT4, leaving only around 20% of new car content. Of course, I’ve yet to see the standard models in action yet and I’m sure they look more than respectable in glorious 1080p, but the lack of interiors is still disheartening. It makes you wonder what would have happened if they had left the game with just the 200 Premium models, but then people would have doubtlessly complained that this wasn’t enough.

It reminds me a lot of Gran Turismo 3. Back in 2001, GT3 was released with around 150 cars on disc, which, for Gran Turismo’s scrupulous standards at least, was scarce compared to GT2’s previous record of nearly 600. Again, this was principally because of the drastic increase in model detail in the jump to new hardware, and it wasn’t until GT4 three years later that the car list was back on form with over 700. It therefore makes you wonder if history will repeat itself; will GT6 be the game that GT5 was meant to be in the way that GT4 was for GT3?

Then there’s the Bugatti Veyron, arguably one of the most important and iconic cars of the 21st century, which has been relegated to that of a Standard model. In all honesty, I don’t understand this decision since the Veyron was released after GT4 and was therefore modelled during GT5’s era. I can only hope it was written in error on their part.

For me however, there is one omission that hurt the most: Where are the reasonably priced cars from Top Gear? I’m talking of course about the Suzuki Liana, Chevrolet Lacetti and the more recent Kia C’eed, the renowned, modest cars that are the staple of the “Star in a Reasonably Priced Car” segment, whereby a celebrity performs a lap around the Top Gear Test Track.

Speaking of which, it has been widely publicised that the Top Gear Test Track is a featured track in the final game. So yes, we can still pretend to be a certain childish, middle-aged man squealing “POWERRRR” whilst thundering along the track in ridiculously overpowered cars, but be honest: when you first heard the track would be in the game, you had dreams of knocking the likes of Jay Kay and Simon Cowell off the Celebrity lap board whilst exclaiming “and across the line!” at the end of every lap to yourself.

Dithering around in the reasonably priced car is, after-all, an integral part of the Top Gear track experience, so their omission is rather baffling – a possible future DLC pack, perhaps?

I could go on. Where is Koenigsegg? Hello Saab? No BMW E30 or Range Rovers? Porsche? Oh yes, EA still has the sole rights to Porsche. Boo.

Gran Turismo 5 was meant to be a virtual motoring museum of sorts, and on the surface having over 1000 driveable cars is a petrol head’s heavenly wet dream. On the evidence of the car list however, it seems to be a severe case of quantity over quality, but if you ever wanted a tour of the Japanese car industry then look no further.

Still, it’s nothing that a stream of DLC can’t solve but Polyphony certainly has a lot of catching up to do. Let’s just hope the remaining features of GT5 fully live up to what has been an arduous wait for what promises to be the ultimate driving simulator.

  1. avatar Anonymous

    yous a bitch

  2. avatar Caspa

    your face is dissapointing. So is the fact that you wrote a shit ass article.

  3. avatar Anonymous

    Hm, low to just above average review score incoming? Stay tuned!

  4. avatar Up Yours!

    I can’t believe that you wrote an article based on pure garbage?! Get A Life!

  5. avatar Anonymous

    Hahaha, crap article. When ever a game of significance comes out there is a “supposed” journalist that trash talks it on pointless useless points. “Theres too many Japanese Cars” What do you see on the road most of the time? 40 Skylines to 12 Ferraris? So what? I didnt know Ferrari mass produced cars like Nissan does. Oh of course Lambourghini do produce more models of cars than their Japanese counterparts.

  6. avatar A lovable cat that has yet to be housebroken, and therefore requires it's owner to pick up poop nuggets scattered about the house

    It also doesn’t have the Batmobile. I’ll cry about that, rather than being satisfied with the massive amount of content that IS in the game.

  7. avatar Anonymous

    he is right the car list is so out of date it’s not funny. I’ve never seen a group of people stand by a francise like this …

    • The thing is, I am a self confessed Gran Turismo fan myself but can see that the car list is lacking after the 5 years of development.

    • avatar Anonymous

      mhmm i used to love this game the same way i believed in santa claus and ill prolly still get it..BUT games are about evolution. the forza list has more cars you would actually want to drive again quality over quantity. and whats the point of the top gear track when majority of the lapped cars arent in the game??

    • Martin loves racing games, I assure you – he’s perfectly qualified to write a balanced, fair review.

  8. avatar coojo

    i agree with this article to many shity rice burner cars ha needs more classic american muscles

  9. avatar Anonymous

    “GT5 has more Japanese cars than Forza 3′s entire showroom.”

    I love how you say this like it’s a bad thing. “This game has so many cars! How terrible!”

  10. avatar Anonymous

    your mom was sorely disappointing, but i still went back for thirds.

  11. avatar Anonymous

    Jesus christ, the game hasn’t even come out yet, they’ve been working on it for 5 years +, and now people are complaining about the cars in it? Polyphony digital has created something amazing here, people need to stop being so rude and appreciate the 1000+ cars they put in the game. Its a company based in Japan, so they obviously love their Japanese cars. Also complaining about the 40 variations of the skyline and saying they should have made other cars doesn’t even make sense. It wouldn’t take them much extra time to make the different models since the base model has already been created from the first skyline they make, then they just make the limited editions and different types etc by changing various little details of the car. It’s not like they had to design the 40 separate cars from scratch. I for one am happy with the amount of different skylines, evos, subarus, mazdas etc in the game. Great work PD!

  12. avatar Newvel

    I got your point.
    People get angry because someone finds a negative point in their sacred game.
    I see you made a very deep research and I agree with you: Unfortunable, GT5 has a looooooot of old models in 1080p, and its just a shame. I doubt that it will really hurt my experience, but for some people will, so, for me: Its just not perfect. And if its not perfect, its not sacred and can (and will) be criticized.
    Waiting for some reviews…

  13. avatar Dave

    Spot on with this article.

    All that wait for 52 versions of the same car with massive amounts of interesting stuff ignored.

  14. avatar Nathan Six

    You guys are nuts, this article is dead on, how can anyone not see it?

    You people are completely brainwashed, if you think this is acceptable after 6 freaking years.

    I hate to say it but, if listed, the things poly could learn from T10 would fill 10 pages.

    • avatar Anonymous

      Possible for things turn 10 could teach PD may fill 10 pages. But the list of things Turn 10 could learn from PD the kings of sim racing would be on 1000s of pages.

    • avatar Nathan Six

      there are only two things poly does better than T10, graphics, and nissans.

    • avatar wtfwtfwtf

      shut up, you are ignorant. Forza is more like an arcade racer with some realistic characteristics. It really isn’t even that much superior to Gran Turismo 4… Oh and whats not acceptable? Most realistic damage, driving, weather, offroad, physics, etcetera all on one game including over 1000 vehicles, 16 player online, versus the budgetless Forza whom is supported by Microsoft who could easily fund to make their game less half assed and actually put more effort into the quality of the game and less about quantity of titles being put out so they can “milk” the franchise by getting their blind and stupid fan base to buy into their crap. Turn 10 shit talked polyphony digital when forza 3 came out because they are scared and so they brag about anything they can to make forza 3 sound better. Oh and I am not exaggerating. If you weren’t a clueless moron supporting the effortless morons and assholes which want nothing more then your money while wrongfully shit talking the side which actually puts all their time in trying to bring you the most content in the best and most realistic way possible you would know what the hell is going on and who really is better. Go ahead and stay stupid and ignorant. You just make me happy because I am smart and know what I am talking about whilst reading stupid idiots comments like you where you think you know what you are talking about yet you are just completely stupid and ignorant. Lol. So easy to make idiots like yourself look stupid.

  15. avatar Anonymous

    Your an idiot no nothing fanboy. You say the Japanese cars are bad, and that having more jap cars than the entire forza roster is a bad thing. Keep your crap writing away from the Internet. If you knew the slightest thing about GT then you would know that yearly revisions of cars have many changes, and that’s what GT has always been about, the amazing choice, do I want this years model or do I want last years which has better steering. All models have slight variations, and that’s the amazing thing about GT.

  16. avatar gran

    it should be called gt4.5 as its only half new content and no team livery editor i will wait for gt6 wont make much difference as waiting has become my middle name shame on you pd

  17. avatar Axe99

    This is a pretty poor article – PD has confirmed that _all_ cars can be driven in cockpit view. You just won’t be able to see the texturing on the seatbelts in the standard models. I’ll cope ;) .

    And ROFL at complaining about 500 Japanese cars. Now, if it was a game with 100 cars, and 50 were Japanese, I’d be right with you. But I would be very surprised if there aren’t more American cars (and for those of you complaining about lack of American Muscle, there are more classic American Muscle cars in this game than there has been in any game to date, and I for one am yearnin’ to get my hands on them :) ) and more European cars in this game than any other game before it. It’s like complaining about winning 1000 games, and find out that 500 are RPGs, when you prefer shooters. You’ll still have a couple hundred shooters to play, it’s hardly the end of the world. Gamer Limit, or Gamer Entitlement Syndrome? ;)

    • avatar Anon

      Thereis so much you need to catch up on… nocockpits has been known for a long time now and actually proven by one of the recently leaked retail disc videos.

      “What’s more than ridiculous is that they’ve managed to cram this mode into the game, yet the standard car models will not have a cockpit view. Kaz said that they tried to implement the black frame cockpits for all of the standard cars, but realized that they wouldn’t be able to finish in time. So, you get karts instead of cockpit views.”–karts.html

      Before you smacktalk, do your homework.

  18. avatar Weez

    So let me see..1000++ cars is bad?? i accept the arguement about quality over quantity..but seriously…if u want PD to make quality list of cars…finance them for another 10 years.

    PD are perfectionist..if they can have it their way..they will wait for PS4 or PS5 when the console can satisfy their vision..then another 4 to 5 years extra for a good quality up-to-date 1000+ car list..but then again…if they do pretty sure u guys (GT bashers) will complain like hell (vaporware…waiting…delay again!!) if you dont have the money & patients..but still want quality..keep quiet and appreciate whhat PD can REALISTICALLY & FINANCIALLY give you.

    Turn 10 is great..their game is great..Forza 3 comes to mind how far they have come and they too will improve on it and maybe one day (next gen realistically) they will be on equal footing with PD..but for now PD is KING!!…so whoever said Forza 3 > GT5 obviously actually mean Forza 3 > GT4 (since no GT 5 is not even officially out yet!!)

  19. avatar Weez

    Oh yeah..forgot a point..if they have put every car you have wanted in the list..then what is there to include and improve for GT6?? since obviously GT6 will not take as long as 5 years development time and only 100++ new car will be release in that timeframe..

    also..its not like they will be no dlc…sheesh…

  20. avatar Anonymous

    well didnt they have “time” with gt5??? and polo has $$$ so thats not an issue seein how kaz is all over the place.

  21. avatar Simon

    So am i supposed to be disappointed about my first GT game ?

    • avatar Anonymous

      As your first GT game… no. It will be a great game! But, for of the people that have played the older ones, it’s just a little disappointing after waiting all those years.

  22. avatar Simon

    If thats the case then ill get it . What about NFS Hot pursuit ? what do you guys think about it ?

    • avatar Anonymous

      NFS: Hot Pursuit is a completely different game. It’s basically Burnout with power-ups and played in a cops and robbers fashion. Good game none the less.

  23. avatar Cagoen

    I’m a GT fan. I’ve owned all GT games (GT1/GT2/GT3/GT4P/GT4/GT5P/GTpsp)… and of course I’ll get GT5! But the car list is a let down, really. We have 75% of content related with Japan. Even in the Ferrari list, there is the SP1!!! And you know what? The SP1 is a oneoff for a JAPANESE costumer and it’s only a F430 with a reskin!!! Why not create another more, MUCH MORE iconic Ferrari like 250 GTO, 365 GTB/4, F50 or so on? Or why we have a standard Veyron and 10/20 premium Skyline?

    I’d would prefered Poliphony to just make 250/300/400 PREMIUM ICONIC and DIVERSE cars, without GT4 ones.

    At least we could hade some more 2009 and 2010 models, that now are lack in the game.

    And by the way, here I see more Ferrari than Skyline!

  24. avatar wtfwtfwtf

    What an idiot. Onl 20% more content? Damage, updated physics, nascar, rally, etc. This game has so much more content from its predecessor that its insane. In fact it has so much new content it has an optional 11 gigabyte install if I am not mistaken.

  25. avatar Anonymous

    ok you had your 15 minutes of fame have fun

  26. avatar Galen

    Good article, it was interesting reading and I very much agree.

  27. avatar Shit article is shit.

    Shit article is shit. Moving on.

  28. avatar Anon

    Protip: Don’t speculate on a game until you play it.

  29. avatar Therok

    This game has more content that any other racing game out there.

    I know because i have it.

    Stunning 60fps 1080p OMFG it is mindblowing.

    Best use of lighting, shadows in a racing game ever.

    Physics are so accurate, you’ll become a better driver.

    Damage is spot on, if you turn it on full.

    Tracks feel amazing, every turn,bump,kerb.

    AWESOME 10/10.

    • avatar Incorrect

      30fps, UPSCALED from 576p.

      Shadows full of jaggy edges. Lighting sucks with oversaturated colours.

      Physics SUCK!

      Damage sucks, even with premium cars @ lvl 40.

      It feels like I’m floating when driving on a track.

      SHIT! 1/10

  30. avatar Anonymous

    Not a bad article. A lot of unfounded abuse on here. Sony’s infatuation with the Skyline and Supra is, four games later, starting to wind me up.

  31. avatar Anonymous

    Shit article

  32. avatar dum dum

    LOL did you want more American TRASH cars in the game? In case you did not know… Japanese cars are the best in the world… I cant wait to drive the Japanese supercar…

    • avatar Akula!

      Sorry to break it to you but there are no Japanese supercars aside from the LF-A, don’t say GT-R because its not a supercar its an amazing car but its no more a super car then a Corvette is.

  33. avatar Tom Collings

    Gran Turismo 5: Skyline Simulator!!

    Gran Turismo 5: We Love Skylines!!

  34. avatar djreplay

    The reason it’s called the real driving simulator is because it’s try to simulate real driving, hence having different models of the same car’s because they handle differently. I can see why you may be disappointed at having 40 skyline’s but saying the list is disappointing when there’s 8oo different car’s is just ridiculous.

    The only reason you made this this article is to get people to visit your website and for that reason I won’t be back. It’s a shame really because with some good article’s you could of had a few more frequent visitors.

    Also, let’s be honest here, the only thing sorely disappointing is your website.

  35. avatar Chadwardenn

    I wish most of you would read the article at a neutral point of view rather than just assuming some fanboy is just bashing this game. This game has been hyped up as to be the perfect racer, when it isn’t because 800 cars don’t even have in car view and is lacking having a lot of famous cars.

  36. avatar Agent75

    If you look at the entire series, most of the cars are poor to average. I’ve never understood why cars are included which have no sense of speed. It’s the same case with the tracks, we want all new tracks, more so tracks which are not based on real life tracks like with say Ridge Racer for example. If we want to race on old tracks, they should be offered to download (DLC). Going back to cars, Polyphony should be creating their own cars to add something new to the series (again, like with Ridge Racer which are all NAMCO created, not real life cars).

    • avatar Smooth32

      ummm X1…. Cit GT???

    • avatar Anonymous

      Dude, the whole point of GT is that it simulates real life driving/racing, and people like to drive their own car that they actually own or one similar to it in the game. If you want to drive around corners in batmobile looking things at 300km/h then go buy ridge racer, its not realistic. Gran turismo is about simulating real life cars and realistic tracks, if you find it boring then don’t play.

  37. avatar plinsavi

    The major letdown for me is the absence of the Reasonably Priced Cars. The TG track has no use for me if its not for pretending you are a celebrity in the show. But IMO what really matters is the physics, mainly the tyre’s and suspension’s. If it manages to be as good as or even better than the one in Live for Speed, the game will be epic.

  38. avatar Yesman

    ok, 1,000 cars isnt enough, huh. People are dumb, they buy call of duty the same game every year but complain about a game with a bunch of cars. bad just bad

    • avatar Akula!

      Not true actually, some people are dumb enough to do that but your making a sweeping generalization. As for complaining about the car list its a totally valid thing to be disappointed in. I was expecting it to be filled with new cars with a huge variety. I am more pissed by the massive amount of models of cars that are over represented just to bad out the numbers so they can claim 1000+ cars. Honestly there is no reason to include that many versions of the same car when the differences between them is so minor to the point of being no existent. If they wanted to fill the game with Japanese cars fine by me but have a little more variety. I’d trade every single extra Skyline (as in keep one or 2 from each generation) for the inclusion of more older Japanese cars or addition companies such as Mitsuoka.

  39. avatar RPG1201

    People are never satisfied, no matter how much the developers take theres always something that they’re gonna miss, and there not gonna please everyone 100%, its own creator wasn’t pleased.

    Regardless, this IS the best driving simulator out there, and big thumbs up about the Japanese cars, since the 1970′s they were superior, and that made the American market evolve and try harder.

  40. avatar jj

    wow what a piece of sh*t you just wrote congrats mate

  41. avatar GT5%RGB

    Where are you getting this information. You didn’t even list any sources so this article is garbage, and btw, the first Gran Turismo was not all Japanese cars. They included Corvettes if you didn’t remember.

  42. avatar alex c

    so can you name a car game with better list of cars then>?

    take note, citroen GT, redbull X1 prototype. this is enough to sell the game. and you cant get them anywherre else.

    nor the 71 tracks, nor the top gear test track. which will ensure half the population of the uk will get the damn game.

    article was also one of the worst ive read. bad job, better luck next time.

    F1 yas marina circuit in DUBAI tomorrow. ohhh yeeehhh.

  43. avatar lex c

    and as to the point of porche.. yes they havnt got the licence. but yes, they have sneaked one or 2 in there.

    and remember, the licences get renewed, sooo one day, it might have a dlc porche pack.

    also, this game has a F1 CAR IN IT. damn.

    • avatar Akula!

      Seeing as Turn 10 had no trouble putting porsches in their game makes it dubious its a license issue.

    • avatar Anonymous

      Its because EA owns the license for them so they gave it to forza, but they wouldn’t want to give it to GT

  44. avatar Porsche

    EA doesn’t have the exclusive rights to Porsche. I’m pretty sure I was able to drive them in Forza – which seems to score another point in this pointless VS fight now.

  45. avatar He_Is_Right

    You are right, Martin Bigg!
    With no dash view is not a playable car!
    Who are you guys, Mr. Bean? He (Mr. Bean) it’s the only one I know drove a car outside of it!

  46. avatar duhh

    DLC anyone – jesh relax

  47. avatar nero

    I’m a big fan of Gran Turismo, yet i completely agree with this article. Why, why, WHY in the world would I need dozens of Skyline’s? Ten of them would be more than enough, coz there’s no chance in life that I’m gonna drive every single one of them. I’d trade five of these for one car that REALLY should be in game, yet it’s not. If you’d get rid of 75% of these Japanese cars than no one cares about, and instead of them put 30-40 cars which we truly may miss, no one would complain coz the number of cars would still be impressive. There’s 1031 cars in game, true, but if you’d count only TRULY UNIQUE cars, how many would be left? 500? 600?

    • avatar Anonymous

      Once they’ve made the skyline shape once in the game, they can easily add a few different models and variations of it just by changing little parts and details or giving it a different engine etc. It would take nowhere near as much time as designing a new car completely. People like myself really appreciate being able to choose exactly which model you want. I don’t see why anyone would complain about it because it probably didn’t take them very long to do, they already have the basic model there from the first one they made. The only thing is that this makes the 1000 car count seem a bit less than what it actually is. But who cares really, we should just be grateful that theres this awesome game coming out soon to play, and they made it so they can put what they want in it. People are so impatient and self centered these days, they need to just play the game and stop talking crap. Its embarrassing, everyones acting like little spoiled little kids.

  48. avatar MikeMike

    This dude it’s crearly and xbox fanboy and he is just upset that his lovable forza doesent have as many cars or that the graphics will now seem out dated, I like forza and still play it, until GT5 comes out “THE KING HAS RETURN”

  49. avatar Anonymous

    What a stupid article thats clearly written by an XBOX fanboy. Seriously we are supposed to believe that over 1000 cars to choose from is a bad thing?

  50. avatar Dimiter

    I have to painfully agree with this article, as bad as it may sound. I also was quite disappointed with the car list. There are so many variations of the same car, its not even funny. I for example, would love to have a spin in a Cayenne, or a S600 or an S8. There are no luxury sports sedans and SUV’s… :( WHYYY

  51. avatar Anonymous

    This is one of the shitiest article i’ve ever seen about GT5 ! Written by a big dumb frustrated for dumbs !

    you can pass this shit,don’t loose your time !

  52. avatar Mark

    GT5 defense force kids are truly laughable. PD dropped the ball hard on this shit , get over it.

  53. avatar Anonymous


    Go die in a ditch and never post again.

  54. avatar Anonymous

    martin rigg has a lil d…

  55. avatar Anonymous

    Martin bigg has a lil d…

  56. avatar Anonymous

    Who wants 40 versions of the skyline?

    I want some great cars like BMW’s (and not this 120d long version bullshit)…

    e92, e93
    with m package

  57. avatar Xbot

    All the different version of the Skylines are different and handle different from different teams.

    man you are so stupid.

  58. avatar Tom Ato

    Let me get this straight…’re complaining because a game is offering TOO MANY cars? What a freaking moron! If you’d rather play a pile of crap with only 20 cars to choose from and only 1 track in the game then feel free to go out and purchase Forza 3, if you’re actually objecting to the fact that PD are offering the largest collection of playable cars in videogame history then it’s quite clear you’re not a real fan of videogames OR cars. PS – Forza has shit graphics, it looks like it was hand – drawn by a blind, retarded monkey.

  59. avatar danny

    Article is right on. Too much skyline, and i cannot tell the difference between some of them. This is what they spend five years developing.
    You can’t change wheels on the regular car, this blows. Please delay this peice a shit for another year. I am thinking this game will be disappointing, but i am glad you can rent these thing now.

  60. avatar darragh

    I am a huge gt fan but the article points out major issues that seem absurd. the game is completely biased towards the jap manufactuer and actually manages to seem somehwhat humours… 51 skylines… i dnt care how large a persons petrol head is that is simply a disgraceful amount. i dont know anyone who would not want to scream around the n.ring in cars like:
    599 xx
    m3 e 30
    ferrari 360
    ferrari f 50
    ferrari fxx
    corevette c6r…(hugely iconic racer at le mans and for it to be left out in gt5 is mind boggling)
    aston martin dbr9 (would be great online against c6r’s at le mans)
    ascari a 10
    gumpert apollo… the list goes on and on…
    Instead we have jap crap littered everywhere.
    im making myself sick writing the post thinks about what could have been…
    51 skylines and countless hondas… what a joke PD. Pray for decent dlc people. Asfar as i can see as of now forzas car list… although a lot skinnier is far more superior and balanced.

  61. avatar irrelevant

    Dude do you know how long it takes for them to make a car in game? Three to six months. And they have to go to the car. These people worked tirelessly to get this game done, and you’re going to shit all over it for THAT? Come on man.

  62. avatar Anonymous

    i dont get it…… this game doesnt have everything in it sure- like every game out there (prime example the damage model rather than car list ), but its like it gets critised just because it has so much yet not what one person especially wants

    only vallied point is it really should have the resonably priced cars from top gear

  63. avatar Smooth32

    You all need to realize that it took PD 3-4 months to complete 1 car (premium) inside and out. They added damage which everyone has been roaring about for years and added weather and day to night transitions which none of us really expected.

    I agree the list is lacking in areas of Ferraris and the lack of Porsches. However, I feel many ppl lack to take into consideration the cost of obtaining liscenses for each car as well as what the car companies allow in the game. Porsche isnt in the game not because PD doesnt want them in it but because Porsche has not wised up (yet :P ) and spread their gaming liscense to others outside of EA… And since EA allowed Forza to add Porsches to their game you bet its going to be a battle to get them into GT5 because in some aspects its one of the only ways forza and EA has to keep its fan base.

    As far as the Ferrari and Lambo list, it is their first appearances in a GT series… who is not to say they are waiting to see fans reactions to them being in the game. I believe in time we will see a much more in depth list of exotics in the GT series.

    Everyone needs to stop freaking out about 40 skylines… so what…. They have had liscence’s for those cars from the first GT series so you would expect a higher number of those vehicles.

    As said already this game offers more than any other game out there and in 10 days its going to blow everyones mind and you all will be to busy playing it to complain anymore :P

  64. avatar Anonymous

    “GT5′s car list is sorely disappointing”
    Over 1000 cars and you’re complaining? Wow, I can’t believe a “journalist” would say stuff like this. People need to appreciate the huge amount of effort that has gone into this game.
    This just looks like a lame attempt to get website hits…
    Note to self: Never go on “gamerlimit” ever again.

  65. Wow you guys should write more articles that make sense and have good research in them but also talk about things you don’t like in “big name” games more often. Gets people to come out of the woodwork on the comments doesn’t it?

    That said, yeah I agree. What the hell is the point of 40 variations of a nissan skyline? That isn’t 40 cars, it is 1 car with 40 different paint jobs and slight body mods. Meanwhile when your game touts a new big bad interior view feature but less than 1/5th of the cars in the game have it then yeah it should be noticed.

    Bear in mind he isn’t saying the game is crap (how can he he hasn’t played yet) he is just saying he wishes he had more car variety and less raw meaningless numbers.

  66. avatar GT5 FAIL + LAMENESS

    Dear oh Dear… that’s really poor.

    40 variations of a Nissan Skyline!!! What is the point… that’s a really cheap and lame way of pushing a large quantity of cars just so sonys marketing department have something to say about this game.

    LAME… and half are Jap cars as well :(


  67. avatar mrtn

    i agree, i for one. would like to see some of the australian cars in there such as the ford falcons, holden commodores. and their sport production lines such as the fpv’s and hsv’s. also the reasonably priced cars as seen on top gear, would be awsome to beat some of the lap times

  68. avatar Anonymous

    i love how this journalist’s actually comments back to diss his audience, yikes!!! i’m impressed with gt5 and it’s graphics, yes 1,000 cars are a bit over the top being 40 versions of the same line. i’ll still buy regardless of an article. everyone has a right to their own opinion. good luck with your career. good title but remember to leave a positive notice and allow the reader to make up their mind!

  69. avatar Chris Britton

    Hmm it seems a childrens home has just discovered the Internet.

    Martin isn’t say 1000 cars is bad, he is saying the lacking of variety is bad.

    I would have liked more cars from the world rather than a Japanese based game. Any of you GT5 fanboys seriously think 40 skylines > 15 skylines, 10 porsches, 10 extra British cars and 5 top gear based cars?

    They have had 6 years to do it.

  70. avatar Anonymous

    Nissan Presents Gran Turismo: 4.5

  71. avatar Kneegrow

    Forza has only 500 cars… GT5 1032…

  72. avatar darragh

    forza has cars that people want to actually DRIVE and RACE in a game though because most of us will never get our hands on the likes of a gumpert apolloor f 50. its a simulator yes but the lack of high end super and race cars in relation to hondas and nissans is still buy the game though of course :P

  73. avatar Anonymous

    EA do NOT have and have NEVER had exclusive rights to Porsche.

    If that were the case why does virtually every other car game such as PGR, NFS & Forza have porsches in them?!

    Go figure.

    • avatar Anonymous

      your an idiot. NFS is made by who???… EA!!! And EA cut a deal Microsoft to liscense porsches in there games (Forza and PGR). So you better bet they are going to all they can to keep those liscenses exclusive because its one of the only ways to keep their fan base.

      Also the creator of the GT series has said in interviews that he wants to add Porsche to the list but has been unable to obtain them. According to what I have researched online the issue doesnt lie with GT but Porsche… there just slow to get on the band wagon.

  74. avatar Kristian

    PLease correct your article, all cars have interiors, the premium cars just have an exact replica of their real life counter part.

  75. avatar Anonymous

    you can’t say that you have 1031 cars when 50 of them are the same car with different paint this article is bang on.

  76. avatar meeee

    Kristian thats untrue…

  77. avatar Anonymous

    The only bit that annoys me is that not all the cars have interiors. What is the point in giving some cars interiors and the rest not leaving. What makes it worse is that they could have done that rather the twiddle about with stupid air pressure. >:(

  78. avatar Asdf

    I don’t get how you can possibly say the list is dissapointing. There is no other racing game that comes close to having so many cars and so much detail.

    People like you will find anything to bitch about just to get a few hits on your shitty blog.

  79. avatar LOL

    Your all a bunch of complainers lol, relax

  80. avatar Wow

    How can you write this shit? What do you know about the developmental aspects of a game that took 5 years to make? Probably nothing, so how can you say the car list of 1000+ cars is disappointing because theres too many Japanese cars? Maybe the game is about racing, and driving, not about how cool your car collection is (unlike Forza 3. Take note, jackass.) There are so many different kinds of driving physics in this game, who cares that theres only 12 Ferrari’s.

  81. avatar LOLZ!

    This commentary is disappointing.

  82. avatar tom

    yo, its not polyphonys fault for not having cars from around the world, that is due to the license. they cant afford the licenses to have all the cars in the world in here. the reason why they have so many japanese cars in this game is because japanese car manufactures adores this product and hope to sell more cars. European didnt see that until GT4 even though they see it, theres a bit of doubt, they cant risk the fact that virtual car can make a impact on their real cars. also look around you man, grown ups really like rice car. so having a bunch of variants of jap cars is good, unlike bmw only has series and m how boring.

  83. avatar Protec

    I was dissappointed too on the car list. Where is new hyundai genesis coupe? Newest model is 01 FX coupe…sad. Where is new Mk VI Golf? Golf R? Where? Where is new seat ibiza cupra or seat leon? Where? Where is Kia Koup? Where? WHERE?! I am dissappointed there is almost no new cars in the game. Polo GTI 2001…just sad. I don’t want to drive a jap, i want to drive with european cars! Forza has better car list…much. Not as many cars, but quality is better. Bodykits, wheels, rims…etc.

  84. avatar Anonymous

    well there are about 3 mustangs and 100 skylines, ghey!

  85. avatar Chris

    I think many people missed the point of this article. There is nothing wrong with +1000 cars. It is that they favor some cars very heavily while neglecting others. Even if it is just a few model and skin tweeks, if it is not Japanese, its been neglected.

    Let’s take the newer Pontiac GTO. How hard would it really be to give us the ’06 version as well with the 6.0L engine and the extra 50 Hp. How hard would it to be to give us a ’03 Mustang Cobra, or an ’05 Shelby Mustang Cobra. A Hemi ‘Cuda and an AAR ‘Cuda. (Hopefully they get the HP correct with the ‘Cuda 6 Pack this time, they left off 10 Hp last time.) The models are there!

    Throw the American car fans, Australian car fans, Korean car fans, and Euro Car fans a little more and much of this complaining would stop. (How I would love an Australian 1972 Chrysler Charger E49!!!)

  86. avatar Ferahtsu

    Geesh, every time a personal opinion is posted here the anons come in hordes. So many anons, you’d think they’d have something more important to do online.

  87. avatar Protec


    exactly. There is nothing wrong having over 1000 cars, no way. But the car list needs more variety. Now it feels like PD has completely forgotten US, KOrean, Euro and Australian cars fans. Yes, i would like to drive with new VW Golf R or VW Scirocco. Forza has these cars. Why not GT5? And hey you GT5 diehard fanboys, no one has said that GT5 will be a bad game. Grow up. you need to learn to co-exist with other driving games. I personally love all driving games. Forza, GT, Grid, Shift…they all have their good and bad sides. True car/racing fan plays ALL racing games…

  88. avatar MIKIKO

    this article is a fail.period

  89. avatar Paul

    This article is spot on

  90. avatar Waterboy

    A lot of debate about this, and I agree with the article….its quantity over quality here. Forza 2 and 3 have a much better selection of cars.

    Was sorely disappointed, and much of the list is lifted directly from GT4….so what we have here is a very impressive car list from 2004.

    There is a noticeable and conspicuous gap of cars from 2005-2010. Its as if Polyphony stopped signing any contracts with manufacturers at that point (in 2004).

  91. avatar Waterboy

    Someone said 500 cars in Forza 3 vs 1030 in GT5 – I’m sorry, but I’d take one Bugatti EB110 over the hundreds of jap crap cars that I already have from GT4.

    I’d rather take the Porsche 959 and the Ferrari GTO around Silverstone, than any non descript Mazda or Toyota around the Top Gear Track.

    • avatar Ryan

      Agree completely, Waterboy. Thank God having both consoles has not limited my experience to either one.

    • avatar Waterboy

      I agree, I think the best solution is to have both, my feeling is that the car selection is better on Forza 3. Less is more in this instance.

  92. avatar Sentient Being

    About 90% of the people commenting on this story are fanboys, completely incapable of thinking for themselves.

    I *love* Gran Turismo, but at least I am able to admit that the GT5 car list sucks ass.

    Apparently most Gran Turismo players don’t know shit about cars.


    Great article by the way. Don’t listen to these fags.

    • avatar Anonymous

      I think this article is crap and I also think it is funny that someone with the title “Sentient Being” is calling ppl fags hahahahahaha. Get a life bro.

      And where did fanboys even come from? I think its sad if you know what that even means… spending a little too much time debating video games online are we? lol

  93. avatar N\A

    “About 90% of the people commenting on this story are fanboys, completely incapable of thinking for themselves.

    I *love* Gran Turismo, but at least I am able to admit that the GT5 car list sucks ass.

    Apparently most Gran Turismo players don’t know shit about cars.


    Great article by the way. Don’t listen to these fags.”

    Enough said! :)

  94. avatar Ryan

    Agree with you, Mr Bigg. Quantity over quality, regrettably. Will still love the GT experience but I can’t help but feel let down…..

  95. avatar Anonymous

    I was getting so excited about GT5, as my first console racing game. So I am not a fanboy.

    I’ve been into computer racing for a while because they have better real driving simulation, but I thought I’d try out a more “fun” game for a change. I was even going to buy a PS3 specifically for GT5.
    Then I saw the list of cars..
    96 Mazdas??!?! 72 Mitsubishis 135 Nissans?
    heck there are more Daihatsus than Ferraris..
    1 Maserati

    I think the car list really just broke the deal for me and I’m gonna look into Forza..

  96. avatar anon

    Very good article, couldn’t agree more. If given a limit of 1000 cars to choose from, who would pick ‘Civic’ 20 times? What changes in the Civic were so drastic from ’92 to ’93 that both needed to be included? Or from ’93 to ’94? Oh, it’s a Japanese company- Okay, but a good share of the market is American and European. And with 18 different Miatas they couldn’t at least get the mark 6 (2010) VW GTI? No new Porsches (or RUFs). Might as well delay it again, I’ll be looking at Forza.

  97. avatar MFSD

    Even with all the “confirmed” statements on interior views, I still don’t know what the real answer is. There are some videos with dash views of a VW minibus and a Fiat 500. If these are some of the cars on the premium list i’m gonna put this game off to the side.

  98. avatar Sean

    There is DLC, thousands more are coming out

  99. avatar vic

    this game should be called gran turismo 4.5 its pretty much number 4 with the same cars tonso f skylines and hondas and not enough audis mercedes and bmw but then again this game is made by asians so its the car list is going to be in their favor

  100. avatar Tonkz

    Wheres the American muscle… 1 Cadillac, Whack. Damn EA Sports for holding onto Porsche… Wheres the Koenigsegg… I hope they bring out Car packs… Even Still, GT forever…

  101. avatar apo

    What can i say. I dont care if they made it 5 years of 100 years – gran turismo 5 should be gran turismo 4,5 HD. They doing one premium car 3 to 6 months? Maybe they need more peolple for all 800 cars???? Whatever – i was expecting much more than this…forza 3 FTW / sorry

  102. avatar Anonymous

    the lacetti is in the game lol, please play it before slating it off, many of the cars cant be found until the game has been played through, the fact you cannot change tires is disappointing but the tweaking of just about everything else is impressive, call me a fan boy or whatever but having played forza as well, i felt it lacked the realism of gt, at the end of the day, graphical detail isn’t the be all and end all of games.

  103. avatar Anonymous

    there is a large selection of mercedes, infact there is an AMG academy for the nurnburg ring, exhibiting lots of mercedes cars, including cars from the 50′s

  104. avatar asdf

    EA doesn’t have exclusive rights to Porsche. Forza 3 has more Porsches in it than any other game in existence, with the exception of NFS Porsche Unleashed.

  105. avatar tfj

    i am not a jap fan nor do i discredit jap cars but to the extent that they have 30 to 40 of a same model of car is worthless ill still get this game cause even the limited amount of other cars is great but just for two cents worth i believe if they put a damn pt loser in the game you can put a ss impala or monte carlo or even a plymouth roadrunner and yes a 74 gto judge porsche will be missed i agree and just enough with the useless cars such as an accord and civic put em in there just not as many and give some other companies crap cars might make everyone shut up and play thanks you……

  106. avatar motor-authority

    This game is good but the car list do really suck..big time! Im not against Japenese or asian car manufactures but there is a fine line between REAL CARS and just plain CRAP. All Car companies have brilliant and not so brilliant vehicles, But why in this game is there so much of a lack of real performance cars and American cars? EX: Ferrari, Benz etc.., even cars like the Pontiac Firebird for instance. A car that was in production for 35 years and served as a major part in north american automobile history. seriously! There is hardly any american cars in this game, a few REAL Cars, the rest is just Crap. The game dont have a trans am, shelby GT500, or a 55 bel air probably one of the most reconized cars in american history of the 20th century but yet it has about 40 honda civics lol…there is definately a overlook in quality here ppl. Nissan, Honda, toyota have about 70% of the games cars. But not just the cool good cars they have, oh no.. They managed to put in all the junk they have too. Cars that you would see your grand mother driving it on the way to church, Not something I wanna see on a track let alone play it on a game. These circumstances of this game make it actually irritating to play at the least. you cant get a very good selection of old school muscle cars or high end super cars but you can get a toyota Yaris?…susuki cappichino anyone? lol seriously this was the biggest let down of the game, but other than that its pretty awesome.

  107. avatar Anonymous

    Oh come on guys, Did we really need close to 20 different versions of the Nissan Skyline GT-R?? NO i didn’t think so.

  108. avatar Xray

    Opel tigra 99? Cupra 04? Corsa comfort? Where is the new cupra? Corsa opc? Escort cosworth and so many cars? Jesus!! BB GT5. You suck!!! The most cars is the same cars from GT4!!!

  109. avatar NoName

    A game with 1000+ cars is pointless when most are just slight variant of the same car. I’d rather stick with Forza 3 unless there’s DLC cars worth getting in GT5. And c’mon GT5, adding Nascar is just a redneck trash thing to do.

  110. avatar bob

    they completely forgot porsche

  111. avatar nick

    Yes 1000+ cars but not enough dealership to get them, not enough races, too much low performance (not to mention ugly) japanese cars and to make matters worse the AI drivers are zombie-morons…

  112. avatar Troll keeper

    you are all trolls

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