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In what will hopefully be the last time I post this news, the final release date for Gran Turismo 5 has now been confirmed for November 24th in both the US and Europe.

An official apology was found in the press release for the on-going delays the anticipated game has suffered:

Satisfying the loyal Gran Turismo followers is at the heart of all of our efforts, which is why it was such a difficult decision to delay the release of the game, and one which we did not take lightly. I can only apologise to everyone for making you wait so long, and I hope that when you try out the wealth of driving experiences available in Gran Turismo 5, you will not be disappointed.

The more observant of you will have also noticed that November 24th is under two weeks away!

  1. avatar Csi

    you can not take it during the race, you can only take video, after the race is over and rroecd the replay, but on the main career menu think you know with all the countries car things and race types, there is a photo mode, and it is pretty cool

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