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Earlier this week I posted a hardware review of Evil Controllers Evil D-Pad model for the Xbox 360. If you read the review you know that I really liked this controller. It was responsive, comfortable, and much more effective than the crappy stock Xbox 360 d-pad.  The only down side to the Evil D-Pad controller is the price. A lot of readers also commented that they would be interested had the controller not cost $75 (for wireless).

Well, today I got an email from Evil Controllers saying that it is running a sale this week and that their prices are deeply discounted. I figured it was my duty to report this considering the interest some of you readers showed. To find out more, hit the jump.
According to the email, “The sale will run from midnight on Friday, November 26 and end at 11:59 pm on Sunday, November 28.” What kind of discounts are we talking about? The email says, “Find savings up to 70%,” “All controller add ons are 50% off” and “Premium controllers as low as $54.00.” To jump on this deal, head on over to

What do you guys think about this? Now that the prices are lower, are any of you guys going to jump on this deal? Let us know what you think by leaving a comment below.

  1. Ok now I may consider picking one up as opposed to the new silver 360 controller with the tweaked d pad. Will have to check their site on the operative day…

  2. Sweet deals.

    Now if they could make me a Gamecube controller with a standard size D-pad and some sweet shoulder buttons…I’d totally be down.

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