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Gaijin Games’ awesome Wii-Ware title, Bit.Trip Beat, recently made its way to the iPhone. The pong-inspired retro-rhythm title also made moves this morning. As of 9AM PST this morning, Bit.Trip Beat has also been available for PC and Mac via Steam.

Hit the jump for more information including Beat’s sale and the Steam version’s added features.

For the first week of its Steam release, Beat is being sold at a discounted price. If you purchase it before November 9th at 10AM you’ll be able to get it for 10% off. That’s $8.99 or £6.29/ €7,19 if you’re across the pond. After that Beat will cost $10 – which is still a steal for what is, in my opinion, one of the best games of this generation.

While Beat may cost you a tad more on Steam than its original Wii-Ware incarnation, it also includes Online Leaderboards, Achievements, Social Network Integration, HD Visuals, Alternate Control Schemes and even an Easy Mode for “those of you who just like to get in the zone and ride a vibe, you can chill out in the way less intense Easy Mode”.

Now if only I could get these games on the go for my Droid or PSP, we would really be in business.

[Via Gaijin Games]

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    Giantbomb is down, but the train keeps a steaming ahead. BTW, Conductor Young Jeffery; what meothd of power production do you use to power the Nintendo Download Express every week? I would assume nuclear since this thing seems to never stop, except only to pick up new passengers.Chooo! Chooo!

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