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Today PC gaming super hero Valve released some details regarding the number of people who use its Steam service. Over the past 12 months, Steam has seen a 178% increase in users. This pushes the grand total of Steam gamers to over 30 million. Out of these 30 million, six million users log onto team each day.

Valve CEO Gabe Newell remarked about this years growth, saying: “Steam is on track to record the biggest year in its six year history. The year has marked major development advances to the platform with the introduction of support for Mac titles, the Steam Wallet and in-game item buying support, and more. We believe the growth in accounts, sales, and player numbers is completely tied to this work and we plan to continue to develop the platform to offer more marketing, sales, and design tools for developers and publishers of games and digital entertainment.”

On top of all these new users, Valve also shared that its Steamworks publishing service has now been implemented in over 200 games. On top of serving as an anti-piracy measure, Steamworks also allows games access to Valve’s cloud-based game saving service, Steam Cloud. Apparently, since Steam Cloud’s launch, more than 100 million files have been saved.

Personally these numbers don’t really surprise me, especially considering the recent influx of Mac gamers. As one of the six million gamers who log into Steam daily, it’s hard for me to imagine why someone wouldn’t want to use Steam. You get great games at great prices, plus all sorts of benefits like friends lists, mod support, and free weekends. If you haven’t checked out Steam yet, do yourself a favor and install it. You won’t be sorry.

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  1. I can give you a reason. Hatred of everything third party. Nothing has pissed me off more than getting home today and installing new vegas only to be told it had to be tied to a steam account to be played. I have a freaking disc, I bought it in a store, if I wanted it from steam I would have bought it from steam.

    Steam is nothing but a third party app that gets between me and the game not to mention is another level of privacy invasion/account BS I have to run through. It sells games for less? Rarely. Almost always any game it has can be matched to within a few dollars by Direct to Drive or other digital sellers who do not require third party apps. Free weekends? True, let me know when they do one that has a game I actually want to play on it. So far they never have.

    Steam is nothing but a third party razzle dazzle by valve to force you to buy their crap and play games the way they want you to play them while they sell off advertising galore and sell your info to advertisers. I already have a billion and one chat tools and friends lists I don’t need or want another one.

  2. This surprises anyone?

    I’m honestly in complete disagreement with the above post. Steam is honestly one of the biggest time-savers in gaming I’ve seen. Having that centralized control, immediate access to news and game reviews, automatic updates, and not to mention Valve’s own products is a complete change in how I used to play games. Any of the possible downsides (DRM and privacy are commonly cited) are completely dwarfed by the number of benefits. If gaming has to go in a different direction from “put in disk and play” in the future, I can’t think of a better solution.

    30 million is nothing to sneeze at, and it’s a sign of how accessible and useful the service is. My mother, age 51 (she likes to rant about how computers used to use punch cards), has a Steam account. So far it only has Portal on it, but given the scope of the service I expect that to increase.

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