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Sony has announced today a new partnership with popular film subscription service LoveFilm (essentially the European version of Netflix), which will bring the service to the PS3 in the UK and other European territories this November.

As the above video demonstrates, the new service will be integrated into the XMB, allowing you to stream content from thousands of titles from major and independent studios with the option to narrow searches by film title, genre and actor. Additional categories including ‘Pick of the Week’, ‘Most Watched’ and ‘Highest Rated’ will also be available.

As an added incentive, LoveFilm also stated that free trials will be offered to PS3 users who are not currently members of the subscription service.

  1. avatar Timi

    Loveflim should just buy this app, put the doeelvper on their payroll.When I asked Loveflim when their Android app would be out, they told me to write my own (REALLY!!!) Why is it Loveflim seem REALLY slow to wake up that Android is now notonly the biggest platform, is still growing at an insanely fastrate .. Their outrageous response: The good news is, we have a public API programme for external doeelvpersto access and create their own applications, and there has already beenlots of interest in creating an Android application. We’re looking forward to the development community coming up with lotsof exciting applications, which we will be showcasing once these startbeing produced and released.

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