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Last night, at the first ever Games Developers Choice Online Awards, Riot Games and their DotA clone, League of Legends, cleaned house by winning five out of nine awards. The awards ran the gamut from ‘Best Online Game Design’ to ‘Best Online Technology.’

Other noteworthy winners include EVE Online for ‘Best Live Game,’ World of Warcraft for ‘Best Community Relations’ and NCSoft’s Aion for ‘Best Audio for an Online Game’.

Created to honor “the accomplishments creators and operators of online video games – from large-scale MMOs through free-to-play titles to social network games,” the Game Developers Choice Online Awards  one of the few award ceremonies dedicated to “the rich history and growing world of online specific games.”

Personally, I’m glad to see Riot Games got some formal acclaim. The developer made a free game with a lot of depth and replayabilty and deserves every word of praise.

What do you guys guys think about this? Do you agree that Riot Games deserves all this attention? If not, than which of the nominees would you have like to see win? Let us know with a comment below.


  1. Good for them! I love that game

  2. I wonder how this will effect all the hype going on route now about DoTA2? Personally I hope league of legends kick’s it to the curb.

  3. avatar DaeronX


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