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After years and years of wishing, my dream is finally coming true. Yesterday at a Marvel presentation at Comic-Con, Konami announced that its classic arcade beat ‘em up X-Men is coming to Xbox Live Arcade and the PlayStation Store.

Originally released in 1992, X-Men allowed gamers to take control of their favorite mutants (Wolverine, Cyclops, Storm, Nightcrawler, Colossus, and Dazzler) as they beat their way through a seemingly endless supply of sententials.

Featuring six-player “drop-in” online multiplayer, X-Men is slated to arrive sometime this year. Other features include “custom matchups” and multiple difficulty settings.

I don’t know about you guys, but this game was a staple of my childhood. whether it was at the arcade at my mall or the local bowling alley, so long as I had quarters I was in front of the X-Men machine. Sure the game was insanely hard, but the idea that me and five of my friends could all play one game at the same time was enough to keep us hooked. Now if only we could get The Simpsons game on XBLA…

What do you guys think about this? Are you as amped as I am? Was the X-Men game as crucial to your childhood as it was to mine? Let us know with a comment below.


  1. I wouldn’t say it was “crucial” but I also spent a few hours in front of this particular arcade game. It was one of the best beat em ups for it’s time though I personally still favor the memories if Final Fight 1. Still it is nice to see some more classic arcade hits get a shot at playtime with a new audience as well as old fans ;)

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