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Once again my good buddy Kevin Miller had some obligations that prevented him from writing this weeks edition of “What are YOU playing.” Don’t fret though, I’m here ready, willing and able to step up and fill in.

So what have I been playing? Today, I’m hoping to play the ‘go out and get some laundry done’ game. For those of you who don’t know, I landed a pretty gnarly job that lets me work in the game industry from home. The down side to this is I’ve become a complete bum. Today I hope to shave for the first time in two or three weeks. I honestly don’t think I’ve done any laundry in that time span either.

Anyway, besides the few errands I need to take care of, I’m having a pretty lazy Sunday; stress free and full of gaming. What exactly is on my plate for today? Well, yesterday I finally got a copy of God of War 3, thanks to a gnarly sale over at Gamefly, so I’m hoping to put in some work with Kratos.
I’ve also been putting in some time into StarCraft 2 when I get the chance. I recently incorporated an early Reaper harass into my Marines, Medivacs, Marauders build and have been having some real success with it. Last night my crew managed to get eight wins in a row at the Platinum level.

Lastly I’ve been playing the hell out of NHL 11. I’m actually going to write the review for it today, so I’ll save my thoughts and opinions for that. All I’ll say is that it’s a major improvement over the previous games, which were already awesome. Thank god hockey season is starting!

Anyway, enough talk about what’s going down on my side of the gaming equation. What are YOU guys playing this week?

  1. Hmm I am finishing up my work on Amnesia in the next couple days… other than that not much. I tried to play with the FFXIV open beta but my graphics card kept dumping on me, the thing is over 3 years old and does idle at 65c so what can you expect? Stupidly expensive replacement in route…

    • How are you liking Amnesia? Did you find my review accurate? Also, you may find this post-release analysis of Amnesia that Frictional Games put out interesting:

    • Oh yeah it is a helluva intense game. It does an exceptional job of building a truly oppressive atmosphere that puts serious pressure on you as the player. Not to mention builds out a nice backstory for the cast. There aren’t too many characters in the game but they all feel very fleshed out and distinct.

      I will say Mr. Brennenburg may be in for a bad day when I finally find him. At first I felt past Daniel was maybe covering things up or being a bit too crude… but nah I am up for some defenseless old man killing now.

  2. I just recently got a job, so I don’t feel like I have the time to really start a new game. Once I get used to having thirty less hours to dick around, I’ll probly get back into playing games. Otherwise, I just find the time to play Vampire Savior (aka Darkstalkers 3) now and then. Fighting games are perfect for my situation, because a match only lasts a few minutes, tops.

  3. avatar R.S. Hunter

    I’ve been playing Shadow Hearts Covenant. I’m right at the end of disc 1. Crazy/weird game.

    I bought FF IX on PSN the other day because I’m pretty sure my brothers lost discs 2 and 3. I’m not letting myself play it until I finish Shadow Hearts. Otherwise I’ll never finish that game.

  4. avatar Ganbayar

    Awesome man! I would love to check out some game-programming rletaed stuff from you. I have friends that would be interested as well. Really digging everything you do, as always. Thanks for the time and effort you put into your channel.

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