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Over the weekend mega-retailer Walmart helped refuel rumors that Team Ico’s masterpieces, Ico and Shadow of the Colossus, are headed to the PS3 by listing a Blu-ray Disc on its website bundling the two games together.

Over the past few years, numerous anonymous “industry sources” has told various media outlets that this bundle is indeed real and will hit stores around March or April 2011. These rumors also said that the bundle would cost $40, the price Walmart has the game listed for on their site.

The thing is, this bundle isn’t so far fetched considering Sony’s previous compilation releases, God of War Collection and The Sly Collection. If this rumor turns out to be true, let’s hope that Sony does the same sort of remastering seen in the God of War Collection.

I loved both Ico and Shadow of the Colossus, but I definitely thought they were held back by the limitations of the PS2. I’d often find myself losing my immersion in the game due to the crappy frame rates. Nothing pulls you out of a game like getting hit with 15 FPS and having a two second delay between you hitting a button on the controller and your character preforming an action. Hopefully these issues will be resolved if/when this bundle comes out.

What do you guys think? Would you drop $40 on getting these two games remastered on the PS3? If so, what kind of extras would you want to see? More importantly, do you think that this rumor is real? On a side note, which of these two games did you enjoy more? Let us know what you think by leaving a comment below.


  1. I want to play Ico and my PS3 is nonbackpat so….$40 for Shadow of the Colossus in HD and another game sounds amazing.

    • avatar Mitali

      Regular deal:360+kinect bundle $3002 yrs xbox live $1201yr warntray includedTotal = $420 The new contract deal:360+kinect $992yr contract $15 a month for 2 yrs $3602yrs xbox live included2 yr warntray includedTotal : $460It is $40 more overall for the contract deal but at least it’s not all $420 at once. You could just look at the extra $40 as paying for the extra year of warntray. There’s also the tax but not sure how that would work in the contract. Do they charge you the tax on the total price like phone companies do, or on the $99 and each $15 a month bill. If they do it the monthly way then it could cost another $28 on the total.

  2. I never got to play either of these when they first released (I know I am gaming Judas) but if this pack is real it will be the first sony combo pack I DO buy.

  3. That’s nice. Makes me feel more confident about my decision to buy a PS3 later this year, since it would otherwise be almost entirely for Marvel vs. Capcom 3.

  4. avatar Ferahtsu

    This smells like a hint towards the release of The Last Guardian, which I’m gleefully anticipating.

  5. avatar Lalit

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