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It’s your favourite day of the week! That’s right, it’s Idonthavetogotoworktoday. As much as I would have loved to sleep in and enjoy the government-sanctioned holiday, especially considering the fact that I managed to get less than eight hours of sleep over the entirety of the weekend, I am here to bring you the Nintendo Update.

Seriously, PAX was great. There are plenty of wonderful titles headed to Nintendo’s downloadable services in the coming months. So keep an eye out. Until then, you’ll have to make do with these.

Hit the jump if spending your Labor Day with “peculiar cowboys, deadly samurai and feathered friends” sounds like your idea of a good time.

Visit a typical Western town in Fenimore Fillmore “The Westerner” (1000 Wii Points) where a battle rages between local farmers and cattle ranchers. A peculiar cowboy, Fenimore Fillmore, sticks up for the poor farmers and challenges the evil rancheros. Sounds like a real hootenanny.

SNK’s Neo Geo title SAMURAI SHODOWN III (900 Wii Points) joins the ranks of Virtual Console games this week. In this arcade fighter, you can choose from twelve samurai in order to defeat the evil Zankuro Minazuki.

Based on the Chinese tile-matching game, Simply Mahjong (200 DSi Points) “gives you exactly what you [may or may not] want: pure mahjong on your Nintendo DSi system.”

My Exotic Farm (200 DSi Points) is an exotic farm simulation game. Surpise!

Music on: Acoustic Guitar (200 DSi Points) is like having an acoustic guitar in your pocket!

  1. avatar R.S. Hunter

    An exotic farm? And a peculiar cowboy? What do those even mean? Seriously these descriptions companies come up with are hilarious.

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