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Another week, another Nintendo Download, another morning where I wake up only to realize I still have ConSars. If you were the person who sneezed on the controller at Kirby’s Epic Yarn or hacked up all over Killzone 3…you deserve myNotebook Tan.

So, if you are like me and are confined to your bed because someone was selfish and decided to give their germs to 70,000 people in a small room, why not kick back with some new downloadable games?

Adventure on LOST ISLAND – Hidden Object Game (500 Wii Points) sounds like a game about pedophilia. I’m not going to touch this one with a ten foot pole.

“Discover hidden-object fun for kids and adults. Quickly find items in every stage to complete this adventure. Work together or compete in each stage to find items and help the game’s hero find a way home. From seashells to sparkling jewels, do your best to find all of the hidden objects as fast as you can. During this adventure you will also confront ghosts and a dragon in action stages. Each stage can be played by up to four players for great gaming fun.”

Castle Conqueror (500 DSi Points) sounds a lot like another game that recently made its way to PSN. What a total rip off. They have a game about castles that also uses alliteration also. Actually, it’s a real-time strategy game for “casual gamers”.

Crazy Pinball (500 DSi Points) is like having five pinball machines in your pocket!

For Christ’s sake…myNotebook: Tan™ (500 DSi Points) is another myNotebook “game”. Interestingly enough, it is also trademarked, as if anyone actually wanted anything to do with it.

Now excuse me while I crawl back into my nice toasty bed and enjoy some Bit.Trip Core.

  1. avatar tehwonderful1

    God Nintendo sucks. These games are so bad.

  2. avatar R.S. Hunter

    Hidden Object Game is the best title I’ve ever heard… for a terrible game.

  3. avatar Pervert

    Nintendo does not make these games btw.
    There are some awesome games on wiiware, like kyle said, the bit.trip games are really good.

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