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My apologies for not having posted this sooner. It has been a crazy busy week at work for me. Sorry but this isn’t what I do for a living.

Anyhow, due to the fact that my friend still hasn’t returned my copy of Red Dead Redemption, we will be revisiting the PC! This week we will be playing the free-to-play MMO Lord of the Rings Online. Starting at level 1 we will be venturing into the world of Middle Earth.

If you are interested, add Jorrel56 on Skype and we will be starting around 9PM EST. If you aren’t able to join us in-game tonight, be sure to watch the stream above and hit the the jump for the chat. Alternatively, you can watch the live stream here. Enjoy!

Update: With less than an hour left in my download of Lord of the Rings Online my power goes out. Ridiculous luck. For whatever reason, there is no way to resume the download. The many downfalls of downloading something that is free I suppose. Go ahead and comment below if you still wish to join in with the others and I will see that it goes on without me. Unfortunately there will be no live stream since I won’t be playing.

  1. avatar J_Q

    Be sure to start downloading the client ASAP as it will take roughly 3-4 hours on an average connection.

  2. That sucks man, if I were set up with skype I would try to hook up with you guys but I am not …. You could do this another week though. My only advice would be to make sure to let people know there is a brief tutorial area to clear (takes like 10 minutes) and that everyone will need to start as either humans/hobbits, just elves, or dwarves or your starting area will be split up.

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