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I’m back! I couldn’t think of anything catchy so I typed ‘random’ into Google, scrolled down image results and the first picture I saw I used. No idea what is going on in this picture. Phobia of bikes maybe?

Roast beef? Two dogs in a suitcase? You and me, me and you hopscotch? Oh yea, what are you playing?

Not many new releases lately so I will assume you are all sticking to the downloadable games and backlogs. If not, maybe you went and saw Piranha 3D? I hear it sucks. Isn’t that right Shawn?

Well, I have been playing Shank and Madden NFL 11 mostly. Review for Shank will be up tomorrow most likely. Spoiler: I thought it was pretty bad.

Anyhow, be sure to let us know what is up with you these days – gaming or anything random. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! The secret word of the day! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Yay for Pee-wee references! Even in the playhouse he was still a pervert.

  1. I’m on another Far Cry 2 binge.

  2. I’m playing the moving game… and it sucks.

  3. I’m playing the Scott Pilgrim game. It isn’t all that hot; it’s a retro game that tries way too hard to be retro. But, on the upside, it did inspire me to check out the movie and the graphic novels, both of which are very awesome.

  4. avatar R.S. Hunter

    I’m spending all my time on Red Dead Redemption. I love it. There’s so much to do and everything makes me feel like I’m in the middle of a Spaghetti Western movie.

  5. Dowloadable binge for me lately – Lara Croft for review, then Shank, and working on finishing up DeathSpank.

    On iPhone, I’ve been playing Monster Dash and Zombie Highway.

  6. Hmmm been playing Mafia 2 which really just means I am playing the playboy version of wheres waldo. Also I am playing that Wanderer’s from Y’s 7 because I am a sucker for old school action rpg’s.

  7. Currently playing, and loving, Alan Wake. It really reminds me of Fahrenheit.

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