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Today Runic Games announced that it is hard at work on the sequel to its action RPG title Torchlight. Simply titled Torchlight II, the sequel sees some major additions including co-op multiplayer.

Another major change that you’ll notice right away is that Torchlight II takes players out of the mines and allows them to explore the continent of Vilderan. Players can expect “weather, time of day cycles, and random events” on top of the “deep ominous caverns” we’ve all grown to love.

Torchlight II will also come with an updated version of it’s editing tools ‘TorchEd.’ With this, modders will be able to craft co-op adventures for their gaming world to enjoy.

As you would expect, Torchlight II will feature “all new character classes” as well as “cosmetic” and “gender” choices.

Currently slated to arrive Spring 2011 as a digital download, Runic Games has yet to announce what platforms the game will arrive on. Personally, I think it’s safe to assume the action/RPG will arrive on the PC and Mac.

What do you guys think about this? Were you a fan of the original Torchlight? Are you excited for Torchlight II?

I know I am. I had a blast with the first game, and the prospect of co-op just gets me quaking with anticipation.


  1. Can’t wait! This will hold me over until Diablo 3 :)

  2. Well, as a review I read once said “killing goblins is just more fun with friends” (or something to that extent), I’m pleased about the co-op at least.

    Besides, as a relatively low-budget title, it should be a hell of a lot cheaper than Diablo 3 if recent pricing is any guide.

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