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My name is Kevin Miller and I will be your captain from here on out. Alright, alright, get the mumbling and groaning out of your system while you can. Welcome to your Weekly Recap!

StarCraft 2 is finally here and it is quickly digging its hooks into each and every one of us. I’m not even a big RTS fan and I’m enjoying it. Stupid Blizzard and their games that are nothing more than legal crack. Anyhow, the week has come and gone so be sure to read on for the full recap. Or go back to playing StarCraft 2 – I won’t judge you… much…

Didn’t you notice? Gamer Limit is running the uber-elite WordPress version 3.0! It’s pretty huh? Oh, you don’t see the difference? Fine, be that way. But just know it is there doing whatever it is it does. Voodoo magic probably.

Anyhow, WordPress version 3.0 has brought with it some very useful backend features for us to enjoy but also a hefty amount of work for our coding guru and site owner Colin to work on. Among this work is fixing the sidebar which helps organize everything from reviews to the beloved community blogs. Please bear with us as we work on bringing the latest community blogs back to the front page. Once that occurs, everyone can get back to blogging!

This summer has been full of great movies. Inception obviously at the top of my list. But right after that, Toy Story 3. And who would have thought that a game based on a movie could actually work? And it is a game you would think would only appeal to kids too!

The Summer of Arcade was kicked off in style with the absolutely incredible Limbo. Following that is no easy task but Hydro Thunder Hurricane certainly did a solid job doing so.

Here’s a fun fact you may not know: Chris Matulich, aka Timmy Walnuts, loves to whine when he plays bad games. You all should have heard him when he tried to play his way through Deadly Premonition. Notice how there was never a review of that game. Poor Timmy, having to review bad games. We all have to do it though as it is part of the job.

Anyhow, this time is was Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project. I’d post some of the things he tweeted while he played the game but I think I will spare you of the many expletives. This choice quote from the review sums it up pretty well though: “one devoid of fun. The script is uninteresting, combat is stale, and Duke is just generally annoying.” But please, don’t let that scare you away from reading his well written words. Go go!

We all have our opinions on motion control and what it offers us as gamers. But we can all agree that one of the biggest impacts on our opinion of it is our wallets. So, why are you pissed Kinect is $150?

You aren’t a pirate are you? StarCraft 2 is obviously one of the biggest releases of this year and with that comes thousands of pirates. But maybe not just because they are pirates and they enjoy it, or because they are cheap, but maybe it is because StarCraft 2 is split into three different games, each offering a campaign for the three different races. What do you think though? Is StarCraft 2 worth the $60 price tag? Be sure to offer up your opinion on the matter here.

A new addition coming to Gamer Limit: videos! Expect hands-on previews, reviews, features, etc in beautiful 720p. This has been something Gamer Limit has been working on for some time but we wanted to wait until we had the equipment to put out high quality videos. This all starts this week as we will have a video review of the OnLive service as well as live streaming of our game night which is scheduled for this Friday (August 6th) at 9pm EST.

Well that is the week that was. Hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. It is always a good week when you can make fun of Timmy Walnuts.

To address the change in who is doing The Weekly Recap, Mark Davis has decided to move on from Gamer Limit and we wish him nothing but the best of luck. Please join us in supporting his many talented works as he graces us with his occasional articles and regular comics. Love you Mark!

This coming week is the beginning of something big for Gamer Limit, I feel it. We are all hard at work attempting to better streamline and organize our works and we think you will enjoy it. This coming week we will have a video review of OnLive, an article on the many free-to-play games available to you, the return of the feature Stop It as it starts to become a weekly regular, a new We Need to Talk, Gamer Limit game night which will be live streamed, and much more. Enjoy!

  1. Mark is going? When did that … you know what, never mind. I’ll miss the man, he was the only person who bothered to comment on all of my blogs.

    On the bright side, I wasn’t aware there was a scheduled game night. Is Steam covered by the activity, or is it something more personal?

    • Steam will definitely be part of some game nights. We need to decide what we want this week’s game to be. Any suggestions?

    • Also, Mark will still be around. He will just be part of the community now. Probably commenting just like he did before :)

    • I’m still around. Life has just been far to hectic to be able to commit myself to the site like I’d like to. You’ll still see me in the blogs and forums though. :)

    • avatar Aucione

      I hope you get avorpped! I thought about requesting it, but with all the books I have to read, I think I’ll just wait till it comes out. It’s not too long now anyway.

  2. I was wondering who’d be overseeing the Weekly Recap from here on. Good writeup, Kevin!

  3. Good job Kevin. Don’t forget my Driver Month is also happening!

  4. Nice job on the recap, Kevin. Glad to see it will live on.

  5. avatar Auth

    This one soduns really interesting, and definitely different than what I’ve got on my shelf right now! Adding it to my tbr! You can see my WoW over at if ya like!CourtneyFollowing you on twitter! (FuzzyCoffeeBks)

  6. avatar Binod

    It’s dfeferint from a lot of what I’m reading as well, which is why I thought it would be a great pick. Can’t always read the same things after all.Followed you back.

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