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I know, I know – this is the second week in a row I’ve used a Disney image. But, this image – as well as last week’s – is fitting. With discussions on the used games market and microtransactions, we can all agree that the video game industry is riddled with greed.

You know how this works now. Now we talk about everything from community blogs, to reviews, to features, to videos. So let’s get to it already.

There is no denying that Ledesma of THQ has set the internet ablaze with his latest quote. This week, gameguypeter touches on an article he wrote for GameCritics and the used game market.

Sonic is a game that is undoubtedly at the top of our minds as games that graced our childhood gaming experiences. Red Mage Gaming shares with us the recreation of the Mushroom Hill zone in Sonic & Knuckles.

The iPhone continues to empty my wallet $1 at a time. Seeing Shining Force has only added to that uncontrollable impulse purchasing that iPhone is so famous for.

The Summer of Arcade closes strong with Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light.

Shank made me realize just how much I don’t miss the many issues found in old school games.

Hackers always seem to prevail. But why would Microsoft make it easy for them with one of the biggest releases of the year?

Leet speak in games should be banned. It isn’t clever, just lazy. With that said, be sure to check out the third installment of Driver month with a retrospective of Driv3r.

Microtransactions continue to be a trend in the gaming industry today. Sure it won’t be going anywhere, but making it shape or affect game design is absurd. Stop it!

Personally, I prefer having that physical collection of games. However, downloadable games are only going to become more common. But the question is, when will we download ALL our games?

The used game market is getting to a lot of people it seems. The publishers hate it but gamers embrace it – unless you’re elitist. There are some that say they refuse to buy used strictly because they want to support the developers. However, used game sales aren’t about the developers.

Gamer Limit Game Night finally made its way to the PlayStation 3. However, Sony’s console can’t do everything, so no party chat recorded. Below is a recording of the live stream of Killzone 2 Gamer Limit Game Night.

Well there you have it, the week that was. Please be sure to stop by each day this coming week as we have a lot more to share. Below is just a snapshot of what is to come:

  • Driver 4 retrospective
  • Stop It feature
  • We Need to Talk feature
  • Game Night
  • Two unique editorials
  • The return of the Limitcast!
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